Prep & Pearls Girls: 6 DIY's To Literally Wow Your Friends & Fam This Christmas

Christmas is almost here, can you believe it? Every year it comes quicker and quicker. This is the best time of year to add a little pizazz to your home and show off your crafting skills. Even if you aren't an avid crafter, the holidays are a great time to dabble in some easy crafts. I have a few ideas to share that are super fun to make and will spruce up your home. Best of all, most of these can be made at very low cost. They also make great last minute crafts to get you into the holiday spirit!  

1. Holiday Card Holder

Crafter Level: Beginner
You Need: Lace Covered Burlap, Burlap Ribbon, Clothespins, Twine, Glue Gun

Not enough space for all of those holiday cards? Make this fun card holder in less than 20 minutes. All you need to do is cut lace covered burlap to the length of your choosing, hot glue a burlap bow to the top, add clothes pins to secure the cards and hang with twine. 

2. Chalkboard Ornaments

Crafter Level: Beginner
You Need: Clear Ornament Balls, Chalkboard Paint, Paintbrush, Chalk

Chalkboard ornaments are a really unique addition to any tree. All you literally need to do is paint clear ornaments with chalk paint and let them dry. Then write whatever your heart desires on them. Trust me, even if you have two left hands with a glue gun, this is the craft for you, you can't mess it up!

3. Ribbon Star Ornaments

Crafter Level: Beginner
You Need: Ribbon and Silver Trim, Glue

This easy craft is courtesy of Martha, my spirit animal. You can check out the full tutorial here, but basically you'll be folding and tying ribbon in such a way that it creates a super cute ribbon star ornament. When you're done folding, a touch of glue is added to secure. Woolah! 

4. Wine Bottle Decor

Crafter Level: Beginner: Intermediate
You Need: Empty Wine Bottles Without a Label, Stencil Letter, Twine, Paint, Berries or Branches

For my wine loving friends this is a great craft.  First things first…Drink your wine! Once you have the empty bottle cleaned with the label removed, paint it. Stencil your letters on, the image above features three bottles with JOY stenciled on. Once dry, wrap some twine at the top and add your accent, like berries or branches.  

5. Glass Ball Wreath

Crafter Level: Intermediate
You Need: Christmas Ornament Balls (30 or so), Wire Hanger, Glue Gun

For real, this is super easy, but it can some take some patience. Simply glue all the tops of your ornaments onto the ornament before you start (so they can't be pulled off). Next thread each ornament onto the wire hanger, one by one. When you're done, twist the wire hanger to close the circle. To finish, arrange the ornaments until the wire hanger is covered.

6. Advent Calendar

Crafter Level: Intermediate/Advanced
You Need: Felt in various colors, embroidery thread, embroidery and sewing needles, a wooden dowel, ribbon, disappearing fabric pen, fine tipped fabric scissors, and a pattern helps (To see ours, click here. This etsy seller also offers a kit that comes with most everything you'd need.)

This adorable advent calendar idea comes from my sister-in-law, Jenn. She is super crafty and clearly has a lot of patience (hence the intermediate/advanced crafter level I've given this). Each felt ornament piece is cut into it's shape, embellished with embroidery, and sewn to a backing with a hook to hang onto the rick rack ribbon on the tree. Once the ornaments were made, she created the numbered pockets for them by embroidering over a number she wrote with a disappearing fabric pen before sewing each number onto a piece of felt. Finally, she sewed the pockets onto a large piece of felt, cut out the tree, and sewed the entire piece onto some backing. Once done, she was able to hang the calendar up!


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Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Prep & Pearls, except for the thumbnail (and top) photo which is courtesy of Getty Images.