Survival Guide: Valentine's Day Weekend

Valentine's is tricky.

On the one hand, you may have already told your bf or husband not to bother buying you anything. After all, you really don't need gifts to prove he loves you, right? On the other hand, you secretly do want him to do something special for Feb the 14th. I mean am I right here or am I right? Thought so...Time to start back peddling. Or leave him a Post-It on his mirror. 

Are you listening men? If you're reading this, for the love of Pete, better run out and at least get her a card and some flowers. Seriously.

Tip: Do not, I repeat do not fall into the trap of buying a card that's blank inside. Way too much pressure. Way too much room for saying the wrong thing. Or not enough. Stick to the preprinted ones.

So, fingers crossed, if all goes well, I found the perfect dress for you to wear VD weekend, whether you're staying in (and making out) or going out (and getting hopped up on red wine and desert), along with the one jacket you need right now to take the edge off - because holidays (any and all) are stressful and this jacket will be sold out come Spring. 

Tip: If you feel obligated to wear a red dress, don't. It's old fashioned. Incorporate a red lip, with the Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil from Nars or, my personal go-to, Lipstick Queen's Medieval instead. 

1. The Dress 

Sleeves can be sexy! When the rest of the dress is fitted, which also calls for either a thong or seamless underwear btw. (VPL, aka Visible Panty Line, should be avoided at any cost.) And, 100% of the time, ruching is super flattering. True Story: The model on the Anthro web site looks better in her dress than I do in mine, but my I-Phone battery was dying when I took that pic and the lighting in the fitting room was not conducive to taking selfies and everything looks better when you're wearing a heel (as opposed to stocking feet). #BloggingProblems #BadLIghtingIsAKiller


2. the Vegan Leather Jacket

My friend Tracey (You remember, she was the one who first recommended that gorgeous NARS brush I picked up a while back?) actually bought and posted something about how phenomenal this jacket was a few weeks ago. I was on the fence about buying it - until 1) I remembered that my old moto jacket hanging in the closet has a huge rip in the back 2) Anthro sent me my 15% off Birthday Coupon. (You're missing out big time if you're not signed up for their loyalty program.)

Need more reasons to lust after this jacket? It's faux leather, so you don't have to worry about ruining it if you get caught in a sudden snow or rain storm and you can machine wash it. Also, telling people you're wearing vegan leather - aka, man made - is a legit conversation starter. And did I mention that once the weather goes from nasty to nice, you can wear this jacket over the dress and back to almost everything else in your closet?

Tip: Men, whatever you do, do not go out and buy your gf or wife clothing. If you buy it too small, she'll be upset. If you buy it too big, she'll be furious. Give her the card, the flowers and an Anthro GC instead.