Trend Alert: “Non-Hair” Hair Sweeping the Catwalks of NYFW’15


Today's Guest Blog is courtesy of our friend Samantha Medeiros. She's a native RI'er (now living in Boston), cool girl and beauty blogger. Read this now and then later, check out for more of her product recommendations and tutorials.

Just when I thought the Normcore scene couldn’t get any better, Non-Hair hair became a thing at NYFW this year.

The number of hours I’ve spend lusting over the tresses of Jane Birkin and Alexa Chung have led me down the road of trial and error. Non-Hair hair is the epitome of effortless chicness. It’s truly an art to appear so stylishly un-kept and fortunately for you, I’ve found the perfect product combo to create just that.


When trying to master the “I didn’t even try” look, there are some things that must be remembered: crazy shiny hair is not your friend, products that provide weight and moisture is important, and follow your part.

You’ll want a product that will add some weight to your strands and provide tons of hydration. Dry brittle hair is a no-no! Using LUSH’s Henna and Jasmine Fluff Ease hair mask on a weekly basis will keep your locks moisturized (Henna provides a light coating on the hair to lock in moisture), frizz free, and smelling delicious (umm hello, Jasmine scented anything is a must).


While LUSH’s hair mask is a weekly indulgence, a more day-to-day product would be It’s a 10’s Miracle Leave in Keratin Spray. I like to use this after I have gotten out of the shower before I blow-dry my hair. This leave in formula also locks in moisture and protects against heat damage while providing some subtle sheen (woo)!


One last thing to remember is to just let your hair do its thing. Find your natural hair part and work with it. I can assure you, the next time you’re out with friends they’ll be thinking, “I wish my hair naturally looked like that.”   

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