C'mon Get Healthy: How The H*ll Did I Get Sick?!?

When you get an E-vite to a 'first look' preview of Spring 2015 at one of your favorite stores, but you're suddenly sick as a dog...#Woof

If you've managed to stay healthy over these last two or three weeks, bravo! I mean more power to you. You're one of the (few) lucky ones. I, unfortunately, have not be able to, which really po's me. Yeah, my husband and I are both sick now and our bedroom is looking more and more like a CVS by the hour: boxes of tissues, saline spray, cold pills, essential oils, bags of cough drops galore and my new bff, a Vicks vaporizer. 

My main goal at this moment? Getting better, so I can get to that sneak peak. (Fingers crossed, you'll see a blog about it either tomorrow or Friday.) This means I have zero choice but to lay low and take it easy. Rest. Hydrate. Repeat. With intermittent medicine breaks. Pretty boring stuff. If you're shut in too, here are my tips for keeping yourself entertained (and sane) while you're home sick:

  1. After a few serious Netflix binges back in 2013 - namely, the entire catalogs of Nip Tuck (For the blog about my nose job click here.) and Gossip Girl (For the blog about one of Kelly Rutherford's, of GG fame, fav coffee places, click here.) - I tuned out for a while, but it really is a life saver when you find yourself housebound. My Top Picks from their New Releases: Chef (written, produced and directed by Jon Favreau), Hart of Dixie (Watch if only for Rachel Bilson's totes adorable wardrobe.), Portlandia (Lives up to the hype.), Last Love (featuring the brilliant Michael Caine and french actress/style icon Clemence Poesy) and Advanced Style (doc about stylish septuagenarians in - where else? - NYC).
  2. Read the NY Post. But skip thru most of the news and go straight to Page Six, the Fashion/Living sections and the Horoscope. In case you didn't realize, it's Fashion Week in NYC and if you can't get there (Someday dammit!), reading the Post's coverage makes you feel a little bit like an insider and a little less like you're sitting home in pajamas with polar bears on them, chugging orange juice.
  3. If you're a skincare junkie, try out all those new products sitting on the counter in your bathroom right now. If your skin has a bad reaction, who cares? No one's going to see it because (again) you're stuck in the house for at least another day or 2. Plenty of time to recover from your cold as well as a possible breakout.
  4. Online Shopping. Maybe. Pinterest. Definitely! FYI: Even Oscar winner and America's Sweetheart (In a recent interview, she swore she wasn't, but she so is.) Reese Witherspoon admits to sometimes spending hours 'pinning' pic of clothes or handbags or furniture that she wants. Well, I say that makes it OK for the rest of us then. And excessive 'pinning' won't bring any surprises in the mail (aka, monster credit card bills) a month from now either.