This Weekend: What To Wear, See And Do

1. What To Do - Get Your Pizza On

I could eat pizza 7 nights a week. (Sometimes I do. Don't tell anyone.) And so many people I talk to - from my friend Mary at Sephora in Garden City (Bought this amazing Amore Pacific oil free moisturizer from her yesterday btw. I've searched high and low for one that actually does the job and doesn't flake off as soon as I go to put foundation on - This is THE one!) to my brothers - are big fans of Providence Coal Fired Pizza. Brianna raves about their wings. When I tried to get a table there (in PVD - They have another location in North Kingstown.) one night recently, the wait was over an hour - a good sign - but I'm going back again. #YouShouldGo too

2. What To Wear - Good News, Bad News

Scarf and model from Emerson Fry. 

Scarf and model from Emerson Fry. 

The good news is February is almost over. The bad news is that March will probably still be pretty chilly, especially if you live in New England. That's why you'll need this (Emerson Fry) scarf. (Ordering mine tonight.) First saw it on Kim France's blog, Girls Of A Certain Age yesterday. In case you don't know who Kim is, she used to write for one of my very fav magazines from back in day, Sassy. She also wrote for other cool mags like Spin and was one of the founders of Lucky, the mag about shopping and style. Yeah, she's kind of a big deal.


I tried to interview Legs McNeil, a former editor of Spin, writer, rock historian and author of the seminal punk anthology Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History Of Punk, for this blog. (I'm a fan!) He was so #NotInterested. Maybe he thought it would hurt his street cred because I write about stuff like skincare and how to buy jeans, use the word totally and post selfies on all my social media. Oh well.

3. What To Read Or See - Mockingbird

A scone and Scout

A scone and Scout

Everyone's buzzing about HarperCollins' announcement last week that they would be publishing a new book from reclusive author Harper Lee. This would be the follow-up to Mockingbird and only the 2nd book from Lee who famously retreated from public life (following the runaway success of that first book) and swore she'd never publish again.

Perfect time to reread Mockingbird then, right?


Demi Moore and Bruce Willis named their 2nd daughter Scout (the one who walked topless thru NYC last year to protest getting thrown off Instagram for posting a photo of 2 friends topless), after the character/narrator of Mockingbird.

My brother once had the chance to go to a barbecue at Liz Taylor's house with Liz and her neighbors, including Gregory Peck who played Atticus Finch in the movie adaptation of Mockingbird. (He didn't end up going.)