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Our friend Mandy Soderi is a hair stylist, retail veteran and published author. Today, we have an excerpt from her inspiring short story Over Nachos. Check it out!

Fatherly Advice:

The best advice that I ever received was given by my dad while driving across the country from California to Massachusetts in 1988. I went to a two year college in Newton, Massachusetts and transferred to the University of Southern California. Long story short, my stay wasn‘t forever in Los Angeles and my loving parents came to my guidance. As we drove with my car stocked with all my belongings. He said, "Puppy", the heart-felt nickname my dad calls me... "Nobody is thinking of you as much as you are". Huh? I thought to myself, with my feet on the dash board and my big bright yellow Sony Walkman loudly playing Juke Box Hero in my ear.  Let me soak this statement in. Well, let‘s just say it humbled me, to say the least, and took my twenty-year old ego down a few notches. I am typing with a chuckle and a smile. Hey, I'm not sure you can even call this advice, but these are the eleven words that I tell my friends and tell myself over and over almost on a daily basis. I use these words whenever I feel off, or feel that others are judging or commenting about me in negative lights. It brings me back to perspective and allows me to let go of the situation in a positive way. I refocus, regroup, check my pride radar, and open my eyes to see what it is I really need to see from the situation that is in front of me.   

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About Mandy

I am a true retail/marketing 'junkie'! 

Currently, I'm a hair stylist/designer at Hair, Heart & Soul in charming Bristol, RI (I love it!!). Before landing my 'dream job' as a hair stylist/designer, I owned an upbeat FuNky gift shop on the waterfront in this same town from 2000-2011 (StudioSix). I also worked for a well known high end retailer, managing their Salon & Designer Shoe Departments in Providence & Chicago (2011-2013).

In August of 2011, I wrote and self-published a joyful inspirational book about (my) life... Over Nachos 
The HaPpY-food that fuels my soul... 
My mission for writing this book is to inspire, to relate, to entertain (to possibly turn into a screenplay), to bond (motivational, positive energy speaker), to heal, and to continue to grow.

I have a PASSION for life and a need to connect with others so they feel inspired, safe, and happy. And I enjoy traveling every chance I get!