Saw, Need, Bought: Stuff I Suddenly Can't Live Without

I used to make a living:

1) trying to figure out how to get more of what people actually wanted to buy and wear (trickier and more complicated than you might think)

2) displaying things, so people might want to buy and wear them (Insert image of me sweating over a steam iron here #NotGlam)

3) advising people about what they should buy and wear to look their best (which, at times, required the diplomacy skills of a member of the UN)

These days, I shop mostly for myself, but still get excited when I find things like an anti-aging face oil that doesn't make me break out or a totes adorable pair of shoes that will probably sell out for Spring/Summer, aka, stuff I suddenly can't live without. Check out this week's picks right here:

A Face Oil For Oily Skin (And It's Blue!)

A Face Oil For Oily Skin (And It's Blue!)

Face oils scare me. I mean they've been a big beauty trend for the last few years and I really wanted them to work for me, but they usually left my oily-but-now-maturing skin either broken out or on the verge of a breakout. Which made me quickly abandon them (aka, give them to my sister). But I still needed an anti-aging treatment to use at night that would fight wrinkles (Game on!) and keep my skin clear. Frustrating.

So I actually came across this Luna Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley by accident while browsing my neighborhood Sephora and could not stop thinking about it - a sign btw that you should go back and buy. Which I did. How could I not? After all, the blurb on the box called it (this blend of Retinol + Blue Tansy + German and Cape Chamomile + Avocado and Chia Seed Oil) "a secret weapon" and said it would "create firmer, clearer, more translucent skin". OMG, that's everything I was looking for! 

After reading over the ingredients (It's cruelty, paraben and fragrance free too.) and directions, I couldn't wait to apply and try it. Now, although "they" warn that you might experience some peeling once you start (probably b/c of the retinol), I have not (probably b/c of the Avocado and Chia seed oils). Uh, yay. I also noticed that some minor breakout on my chin has started to dry and heal up nicely and that my skin definitely looks healthier and brighter. (True Story: I woke up with some serious pillow creases on my face one morning a while back and that pushed me to re-evaluate my entire night time skincare regime.) I now literally want to run out and stock up on a dozen bottles (at least), just in case I can't find this again. #CrazyLove #SephoraExclusive

You'll Want To Live In These Soon Enough. And They're Blue.

You'll Want To Live In These Soon Enough. And They're Blue.

No matter how much I've shopped, every Spring and Summer, I end up with 2 options for shoes - either sky high heels or flip flops. Yeah, I'm a procrastinator and always think I'll have more time to buy. Of course, once the temp goes above 65, all the best sandals are sold out in my size (I'm an 8.) and I end up spending the entire season limping around in heels or moping around in rubber flip flops. No happy medium.

Not this year! {Shakes fist.}

I was scrolling J.Crew, spied these navy blue calf hair Birkenstocks and instantly knew I had to have them. They're picture perfect to wear with shorts and ripped or summer weight jeans. And last year, I desperately wanted the white Birkenstocks that were everywhere (including Harper's Bazaar) and that J.Crew had also featured online, but come May or June, they were pretty much sold out. Lesson learned. #IGotMine 

Birks can be stylish. ❤️✌️😎

Birks can be stylish. ❤️✌️😎




Photo Credit: Ashley Olsen, Milla Jovovich and Jessica Alba wearing Birkenstocks; All photos courtesy of Pinterest.