Mondays Are For Online Shopping: The Cheap & Chic Edition

Ever start scrolling, click on something about style and fall in love with a jacket, skirt or shoe, only to discover that it costs way more than you could ever afford or justify?

Me too! 

Truth is though you don't have to spend beaucoup bucks to look stylish: Here are 4 pieces from H&M that prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. They're super affordable (Most are under $50.), stylish and office appropriate. Or not. Everything here may also be worn back to denim or a t-shirt or both. 

1. The Fitted Jacket, $24.95

Wear this jacket to the office, over a maxi dress or back to jeans. Speaking of which, it reminds me of the white jacket that style star and IT girl of the moment Olivia Palermo is wearing in this pix:

Copycat this look for less

Copycat this look for less

2. Skirt-a-poolza, for under $50

If you're feeling daring, the grey (and blue) patterned pencil skirt is for you. A lot of Spring style for only $34.95. And it's machine washable. You're actually saving so much - especially on dry cleaning - that you can swing the black wrapover crepe one too. It's $49.95 and looks very Victoria Beckham-ish (and Katie Holmes back when she had her clothing line ) to me.

Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede Shoes

3. Blue Suede Mules, $99

All you need with these H&M Collection mules is a great spa pedicure and your favorite pair of skinnies or straight leg jeans. There's just one caveat: Avoid wearing these, or any mules really, with the wide leg flares or bell bottoms that are everywhere these days. Mules + wide legs are a no-no because the bottom of the pant leg will (I don't care what anyone else says.) always, ALWAYS get caught in your shoe. And who wants to spend all day pulling the legs of their jeans/pants up? I mean you won't see Olivia Palermo or Victoria doing that. 



Photo Credit: Photos of Olivia Palmero and Victoria Beckham, courtesy of Pinterest; Photos of all clothing and shoes, courtesy of H&M.