It's St. Patty's Day: What To Watch, Wear, And Eat

My father was Irish and if he were still around, I know he'd be out somewhere this evening raising a Heineken to celebrate. Nicole also assures me that everybody - Irish or not - will be out and about in Providence tonight whooping it up. Now, if (like me) you're not a fan of beer (green or otherwise), here are three other great ways to celebrate:

1. Watch The Brothers McMullen.

Before he married one of the most beautiful Supermodels of all time (aka, Christy Turlington), Ed Burns was a production assistant at Entertainment Tonight. He also wrote, directed, produced and starred in The Brothers McMullen, an indie movie about three blue collar Irish Catholic brothers and the women who love them. It cost $25,000 to make, won the Grand Prize at Sundance back in the  mid 90's and ultimately, ended up making over 10 mill at the box office. #AHugeDeal 

PS - Along with the oh-so-adorable Ed, you'll see a pre-Friday Night Lights and pre-Nashville Connie Britton

PPS - Ed recently published a book, called Independent Ed, all about his sudden rise to fame, including all the good, bad and behind the scenes anecdotes that went along with it. Click here to read more. 


2. Get Yourself A Fisherman Sweater.

Nothing says cool (Irish) girl casual quite like the shrunken Fisherman sweater. I mean Gwyneth looks awesome here in hers. I found a similar one from L.L. Bean that has the same close to the body silhouette as Gwyneth's and definitely won't leave you looking like you're wearing your father's hand me downs. Did I also mention it's only $79?

3. Two Words - Irish Nachos

Strictly speaking, nachos are not Irish, but who cares? Quite honestly, I'm up for anything made with cheese and tortilla chips. Make your own at home with this easy peasy recipe from (I'd cook the meatless version in a sec.) or go to O'Rourke's Bar and Grill in Pawtuxet Village for some of the best in RI. 



Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Pinterest