Don't Throw In The Towel: How To Get Better Looking Hair

Sometimes people will compliment me on my hair. Little do they know it's wild, frizzy and going gray. So, besides dyeing my hair on a pretty regular basis (#NoShame), I also have a few key items I use to help keep it looking smooth and healthy. After all, good looking hair matters. I think it was the great Iris Apfel who said: If your hair is done and you're wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything. 

1. The Brush

Found this brush, the Salon Elite from Tangle Teezer, by accident while shopping Urban (Outfitters) with my two nieces recently, not realizing it has a huge following among beauty bloggers and hair fanatics worldwide. It fits nicely in the palm of my hand (making it fantastic btw for travel) and after using it only a few times, I noticed it was way less damaging to my hair than others I'd been using. And it's a super affordable $16. What's not to love?

2. The Dry Shampoo


Love Sephora, but I gotta confess I was disappointed when they stopped carrying Klorane dry shampoo, approx. $20, a few years ago. As I've admitted in the past (again #NoShame), sometimes I'm too lazy to wash my hair, but I don't want to walk around with it looking all greasy and stuff either. That's where this comes in. It somehow absorbs grease without leaving behind a too perfume-y smell or (even worse) that dusting of white powder that tells everyone you just used dry shampoo. You'll also find Klorane on tons of those lists that beauty editors, IT girls, movie stars and world travelers make, lists of all the products they can't live without. 

3. The Dryer

Yeah, I had sticker shock when I first saw that this Buttercup Dryer from Dry Bar was $195, but after buying it (at Sephora where it's an exclusive) as a Christmas gift from me to me, I realized it was in fact life changing. Besides all the salon features (the 3 temp settings, the 2 speeds, the removable air filter, longer cord and lighter weight), it actually dries my hair quicker without frying it or leaving it looking crispy (aka, frizzy and damaged). Chalk it up to the powerful 1875 watt motor and something called Nanolonic Technology that basically breaks down water faster and cuts your drying time in half. Uh, wow.

PS - Ask anyone who owns this dryer and they will gush about it non-stop. Seriously.

4. The Masque

Is it masque or mask? Hmmmmmm...Well, regardless, can't wait to try this Overnight To Gorgeous Hair Masque by Grow Gorgeous. I mean any treatment I can do while I'm sleeping that will make my hair look softer and shinier is really a no-brainer. True Story: The best kind of multi-tasking is one that somehow involves sleeping. (This formula also has some aromatherapy elements, or as "they" call them, 'lullaby aroma notes' that are supposed to help you sleep better too.)

PS - Leave-in treatments that you use at night while you're (hopefully) fast asleep are having a beauty moment right now. Besides this one, you'll find other options from Living Proof and Caviar. 

Ciao For Now, 

Patty J


Photo Credits: All pictures courtesy of Google Images.