Wednesdays Are For Workouts: The People You Meet And How To Deal

Today's post isn't about a new exercise studio, what to wear while you're exercising or even why you need more coconut oil in your life. #Wink It's actually about a few of the people you might meet (or maybe you've already met) when you go workout and most importantly, how to deal.

At The Gym

I Only Go To The Gym To Socialize. He or she means well. They really do. They just can't help themselves. Sure they go the gym, but you will probably never ever see them sweating it out. They might start out on a machine. Maybe. But then they see someone they know from work or school or their neighborhood and any intention to exercise goes out the door.

How To Deal: I know several people who wear ear buds at the gym, so that it looks like they're listening to music when they're really not - They just don't want to get caught up in a long drawn out conversation with anyone. Sneaky and borderline rude, but effective. 

More Peeeps: Do A Set, Text, Repeat (Loves their phone. Way Too Much.); Works Out In Only A Sports Bra (it's Not That Kind Of Gym.); There For The Smoothies Or Juice (Whatevs.)


At Spin

That's My Bike. Pretty self-explanatory: It's that person who has claimed ownership to a particular bike at their gym or spin studio. In other words, hands off b**tch.

How To Deal: I have a friend who took her first spin class ever at a local gym a few years ago and (unfortunately) ran smack dab into Mrs. "That's My Bike" herself. In case you're wondering, my friend never did go back to that particular class. Yikes. So if (like me) you're not a fan of confrontation (and you'd prefer NOT to get into a steel cage match with someone over a bike), then I'd recommend taking classes somewhere that discourages and cracks down on nonsense like this. 

At The Yoga Studio

The Grandstander. He or she is someone who simply can't wait to show everyone how well they can execute those more advanced poses like the crow or a headstand. Meanwhile, you're hanging out in child's pose. You might also find pictures of them in those poses on their FB, Instagram or Twitter. Whatevs. 

How To Deal: Let it go. The Grandstander is usually someone who thrives on lots and lots of attention and positive reinforcement, but they're pretty harmless as a rule. 

More Peeps: the Moaner (Takes yoga breathing to the next level and not in the best way. #Distracting), the Complainer (Every solution has a It's too difficult, too easy, too fast, too slow, etc), the Immobile Mat (He or she won't move their mat. Seriously. It's not happening.)

Ciao for Now, 

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Pinterest