InstaCool: 3 Accounts To Start Stalking On IG Immediately

I went from starting an Instagram a few years ago and never updating it to now being borderline obsessed with everything IG. It can get a little confusing though. Take selfies. Overall, they are the most popular type of pic on Instagram, but post too many and unless you're Kim Kardashian or Chrissy Teigen, you risk looking like a complete and total narcissist. So, if you're famous (or instafamous), you can get away with uploading a mad amount of selfies as well pictures of just about anything without hashtags and be guaranteed thousands of LIKES in only a few minutes. Me? I recently got  temporarily suspended from IG (for a day) for trying to add too #'s. Yeah. Whatevs. 

Now, besides using mad hashtags on IG (and subsequently getting slapped on the wrist), I also like to search for neat accounts (and people) putting up stylish, cool, and upbeat content. Here are the three accounts that I bet you're not following right now, but you should be because they're doing mad interesting stuff that caught my eye:


The Eggcanvas (aka, Erica Choi, Digital Art Director @ Barney's NY) IG is a love note to life in NYC  circa 2015 - the coffee, the stark minimalist style (aka, She wears a lot of black.) favored by many Barneys shoppers and employees alike and of course, the city itself. Think streets scenes and architecture. If you ask me, it's the easiest and most inexpensive way to experience a little bit of New York every single day.

PS - Wish I had an apartment and a whole wardrobe just like hers. That is all. 

2. Katherine Power

Where Eggcanvas is all about the Big Apple, Katherine Power's IG is all California or bust. Power is one of two former Elle editors behind the uber popular WhoWhatWear and most recently seen on Candidly Nicole, Nicole Richie's reality show on VH1 (I'm a fan of both btw.). Her account gives a glimpse of her day-to-day and most importantly, it feels a whole lot more authentic to me than other fashion A-listers' that frankly, come off as overly photoshopped, staged and overdone to the max. Overall, Powers' posts makes her seem like someone fun and funny that you'd actually want to hang out with in LA. 

3. Le Postcard

Let Le Postcard take you on a brief (one minute maybe) IG vaca to the world famous George V hotel in Paris. Who knew there was a private room there where you could get your hair blown out? (Hey, you never know, I might get to George V someday and that kind of info could come in so handy.) Or how about the black sand beaches of Maui? Beyond beautiful.  There's all that and more. And you also get to see a luxury brand of luggage or sunglasses (That's totally new to you!) here and there to drool over too. So let's all live vicariously via Le Postcard, k?

Ciao For Now, 

Patty J


Photo Credits: All pictures courtesy of each IG account. #DontSueMe