This Weekend: Destination Pawtuxet Village

There's so much cool stuff going on in The Village right now. And I didn't want you to miss out! So, here are three of the coolest people and places to include on this weekend's itinerary:

1. Do You Like Elephants?

Let me confess something: My first visit to The Elephant Room was only a couple of weeks ago. Went there to meet my friend Carolyn for coffee. And you know what? I'm hooked. The only question - Why the heck did I wait so frakin long to go? What was I thinking?

Now, they do bill themselves as a tea room and creperie, but don't worry if you're not a 'tea person'. You don't have to be a fan of tea to become a fan of theirs. I had a french press coffee and a PB&J crepe and I give both an A+. Outstanding. And, as if delicious food and a minimalist but warm welcoming interior weren't enough, there's also WiFi (There was a guy working furiously on his laptop while I was gesturing wildly, telling Carolyn a story about my old life in retail.) and places to charge your phone. You should go.

PS - I hear they also have live music at night sometimes and it's so much fun. 

2. When The Food Network Calls...

You answer, you definitely answer that call...Basta is hopping year round. (Be sure to have dinner and drinks out on their back patio too. It's the place to be once the nights warm up. Last summer, when I was there, it was a who's who of RI.) and the food is consistently great. But things just got really real people because I hear the Food Network has asked their Executive Chef Antonio Santino Franco (aka, Tino) to compete on "Beat Bobby Flay". Be sure to tune in to root for him for 'East Coast's Finest' on April 23rd at 10pm

PS - Not only is Tino a talented chef and a genuinely nice guy, but he also rides motorcycles and as you can see from the photo, is adorable. Not that I care about things like that. #Wink

3. Welcome To Phase 2!

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may already know that taking yoga classes with Deb Cunha helped change my life. We've been friends ever since, but even if we weren't, I'd still rave about her phenomenal talent as a yoga teacher (She challenges you, yet makes you feel safe and comfortable all at the same time. That's rare and precious.) and her new studio space at 2178 Broad Street (2nd Floor), Cranston, RI. It's a bigger, beautiful space with lots and lots of light. So, if you're stuck behind a desk for way too many hours a day or your goal this year was to move more and feel better, give Essence a try. It could change your life too.

Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credit: Photo of Executive Chef Antonio Franco courtesy of his FB account; photo of Deb Cunha courtesy of her FB account.