Dear Friday: Confessions Of A Name Dropper

As I sit here typing this, my brother is texting me...

Oh, it's just to say he was chatting with Graydon Carter earlier. You know Graydon Carter, Editor In Chief of Vanity Fair (aka, VF) magazine and of the world famous Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Yeah, that guy! So, while he's out hobnobbing with 'like' the creme de la creme de le Hollywood Power Elite, here I am one finger typing away on my laptop (I failed 6th grade typing.) with a detox face mask on.


Now, I know what you were thinking, but I swear to gosh never will I ever post a pic (selfie or otherwise) of myself wearing a mask. In case you didn't know, that is a thing right now on FB and IG. (Go and search under #facemask. I dare you. Finish reading this first though.) Not a look I can pull off. Sorry. Not Sorry. #IDontLookCute A few who do look cute? Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Simpson, in these photos from their FB and IG accounts.

But that doesn't mean I don't swear by them.

And if you happen to be over the age of 25 (I am WAY over.) and find yourself breaking out, this REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask is a fantastic option. It won't dry your skin out the way other brands aimed more at teens or twenty somethings and their type skin might. It's also an under the radar and no yucky chemicals you can't pronounce kind of line that doesn't test on animals and won't overwhelm you with crazy elaborate packaging or aggressive scents. (True Story: these days, anything with a heavy fragrance gives me a slamming headache.) It will, however, help clear your skin. And that's what really matters in the end, right?

One Of My Favs From REN

One Of My Favs From REN

PS - Not sure if it's the water, the heat or the a/c, but Florida is wrecking holy havoc on my skin and I cannot wait to get home to RI where I've been told that the weather is finally nice. **Sigh** 

WTW - What The Woof?

On an unrelated (to my being in FLA with bad skin) note, I came across a story this week about a housekeeper at URI and his therapy dog, a couldn't-be-cuter husky named Ivy. They were recently profiled in the campus newspaper, The Good 5 Cent Cigar (One of my sister-in-law's used to write for them back in the day btw.) and everyone loved it and them. Alright, alright, not everyone. Apparently, after the story ran,  URI's Department of Housing and Residential Life (HRL) swooped in and banned Ivy the beyond cute husky from the dorms. **Insert sad music  montage here.** Not gonna lie, I've been out of college for beaucoup years, but I happen to think dogs make life more awesome, so could someone please explain to me the point of kicking this dog out? 

To read more, click here and here

But Wait, There's More....

New Logo, New Look!!!

New Logo, New Look!!!

If you're reading this, I have exciting news - This blog (aka, will be getting a makeover this weekend. That's Saturday, April 18th and Sunday, April 19th. In other words, it will be down temporarily. First thing Monday, April 20th though, will be back for your scrolling pleasure, looking better than ever. (See the new logo above.) So, be sure to click back on Monday Monday and check it out.

Ciao For Now,



Photo Credits: Vanity Fair covers courtesy of VF/CondeNast #DontSueME; Ren image courtesy of Sephora; Celebrities in face masks courtesy of Google Images. Again, #DontSueMe