Newport, New You: Solutions To All Your Shopping, Beauty & Style Probs

Yesterday, I went to Newport with an old friend (more about her later). We were lucky enough to see some of the Volvo Ocean Race exhibition at Fort Adams, which is wrapping up today. It was chill and chilly. (Your mom's NOT wrong - for the love of Pete, always, ALWAYS bring a sweater.) 

But I digress...I learned so much other stuff in Newport, RI that I just had to share. Here goes:

1. The J.Crew Coupon - It's Here !!!

The Take $20 Off When You Spend $100 or more on your next purchase coupon is back in circulation...So, if you're a fan of all things J.Crew (as I am), get yourself to a store to get your very own. True Story: I got mine at the Newport location by spending under $60 on a pair of sale boyfriend jeans (My answer to the whole backlash against skinny jeans this season.) and a packet of Well Kept screen cleaning wipes for my I-Phone, so you definitely don't have to spend beaucoup bucks to get your hands on one.

*In case you need another reason to shop, for a limited time, "they" are also offering an additional 50% off their clearance sale merch...And Newport has a fantastic selection of both sale and full price right now, but certain items are starting to sell out.

2. Hooray...No More Drawing In Your Brows.

First of all, I blame Cara Delevingne for making the rest of us feel so crummy about our not-as-thick brows. But there is a trick to getting yours to grow in thicker, even if you've over plucked, over threaded or over waxed. Today, we met a 20-something who filled us in on the benefits of something called Grand Lash MD - it's available on for under $50 - and why you should apply it not to your eyelashes, but to your brows. It will help you regrow them. Quicker. After 1-2 weeks, you should see improvement (aka, Cara-esque brows).

*Thick, more au natural brows have never gone out of fashion in Newport btw. It's a classic NE preppy beauty aesthetic all the way there. 

3. And Why Heels Don't Work In Newport...

Learn from my mistakes. Do not even think about walking Thames St or (even worse) Fort Adams in animal print peep toe heels. The sidewalks on Thames and the terrain at Fort Adams are not conducive to trying to be a style star. Weak...Take a lesson from my friend S., who was savvy enough to wear boat shoes (They've made a HUGE comeback in the last year ya know.). Other options for walking the bricks, cobblestones and narrow steps include sneakers, Birkenstocks (All the most popular fashion editors and Instagram stars are wearing them this year.) or Jack Rodgers sandals (a fav of Jackie O herself who spent some of her childhood at Hammersmith Farm, Newport, RI) that might help you look a little less tourist-y, if that's what you're going for.

*Also, the parking meters on Thames are now accepting credit cards. In case you ever find yourself without change or in some other kind of jam, that just might save you from a ticket or (even worse) a tow...We're old school, so we paid with quarters.

Ciao for Now,