This Weekend: A Tent Sale, The Perfect Summer Shorts & A Sunburn Remedy

Today, I'm thinking about all things that say summer...

1. This Is A Definite Sign That Summer Is Almost Here...

Yeah, It's the annual Sonya's Tent Sale...My sister always finds the best stuff there btw, including a floor length black skirt with a dramatic side slit that I permanently borrowed a few years back...You may have seen them on last summer's Game Of Crowns, a reality show on Bravo TV, partially set in RI, all about women competing on the Mrs. America pageant circuit. (Yeah, I was a fan.) But you gotta check Sonya's out for yourself. Especially if you have 500 events coming up. Like graduations, parties (graduation and otherwise), showers and weddings. They are super friendly and helpful (whether you're Mrs. America or not) and have an extensive selection of lots of labels and styles you won't find anywhere else. 

2. The Perfect Pair Of Cut Offs 

I searched all the usual stores I shop for casual and could not find a pair of denim cut-offs that worked. They were all either too short (If you are over the age of 30, please do not wear cut-offs out in public that expose any part of your butt. The only exception to this rule would be if you are Pam Anderson or another ex-Playboy Playmate/ex-gf of Hugh Hefner.), too long (Shorts that hit at the wrong part of the leg will only make your legs look thick. Trust me. Almost as bad as butt cheek bearing ones, but for a different reason.) or too tight (Is there really a calling for long, skin tight denim shorts? I think not.). This boyfriend style pair from ASOS, which stands for As Seen On Screen, is just right. The length is perfecto and they also won't stretch out on you because they're have only 1% elastane.

*ASOS is extremely popular with everyone from millennials and instagramers to people who just live to shop online because it features thousands of styles that look expensive but are - in most cases - not...Now, these shorts are $48, which you may think is a little steep, but I guarantee you'll get at least 2-3 summers wear out of them, which in the end, makes them a real deal.

3. A Sensational (And Local) Sunburn Remedy

Whenever I've slipped up and gotten a painful sunburn, I can never seem to find anything around the house to help take the sting or later, the itch away. That's why this year I'm snapping up a bottle or two of this Cool Aloe Mist from RI's own Farmaesthetics. It's made with real aloe (Soothing and healing thank you.) and other ingredients that you (and I) can feel really good about like Lavender (Hello anti-inflammatory!) and Bergamot (aka, Mom Nature's anti-germ powerhouse). You can also use it as a toner, to set your makeup or when you travel, as an air purifying spray to help you stay healthy on the road. A way more stylish option for all you germaphobes out there (You know who you are!) than a face mask or rubber gloves. #Wink

Ciao For Now,



Photo Credits: Photos of shorts courtesy of ASOS; Photo of Cool Aloe Mist courtesy of Farmaesthetics; Photo of Sonya's Tent Sale courtesy of FB.