Summer In The City: Wayland Square


Yesterday was a perfect day to have lunch outside. And that's just what people were doing all over Wayland Square, from The Salted Slate (the new-ish restaurant where I had lunch with my stylish friend Tracey) to Red Stripe to L'Artisan Cafe. Click here to see our video blog from 2014 filmed outside at L'Artisan, then scroll down to see more of my WS picks. 

Shopping And Style 

Mrs. Robinson: Adore this store first for the name because I'm a serious fan of the Graduate. (Dustin Hoffman came into a story where I worked a few years ago. I think his daughter was attending Brown at the time? Get this - He was wearing head to toe grey sweats and a pair of Ugg boots. Proof positive that once you win an Oscar, you can pretty much do whatever the heck you want and not care what anyone else thinks.) There is, however, so much more to this shop, which has been in business for over 70 years. I've bought a lot there over the last few years primarily because I'm a believer in good quality underwear, which actually makes your clothes fit and fall better. Take my advice on this: Cheap underwear may save you a few dollars in the short term, but in the long term, it will leave you with VPL (That's visible panty line.) as well as a most unflattering rear view. (Think lumpy.) Mrs. Robinson's carries so many of the brands I'm obsessed with and they also have people in the know who'll help you find the right bra, to lift everything but not too much, an absolute essential under all your tanks and lighter weight summer tees. Click here to see the blog all about why you need a bra to perk "them" up ASAP. 

Butterfield: Name inspired by La Liz Taylor's movie Butterfield 8 (If you haven't seen it, find on Amazon and watch immediately. Liz won an Oscar for it ya know! And there's lots of retro fashion to critique or gush over.), this shop will become your NEW go-to for gifts for people on your list who have summer birthdays (or anniversaries) and who also have everything and/or are impossible to buy for. (We've all got one, two or more like that!) They have a neat selection of books, furniture and other items you never realized you (or that person on your list) absolutely cannot live another day without. A friend bought a phenomenal coffee table book there for her sister, who still has it out in an A location in her house. That's saying a lot. (Her sister is NOT easily impressed.)

Tips And Tricks For Summer In The City And The Burbs 

  • If your face gets ruddy in the heat and humidity (not a pretty look if you're summertime lunching it outside), get yourself some Ultra Calming Serum from Dermalogica. I'm using it am and pm to prevent the dreaded summertime red face. (An aesthetician I know was forever recommending Dermalogica to me and I used to brush her right off. Now, I'm a convert.) 
  • Throw out all your white t-shirts from last year. They're yellow. (I'm not lying - Check the underarms!) And bleaching will only weaken the fabric and make them fall apart. Buy new ones. Then wash them in cold water with mild detergent and Yoreganics Brightens & Whitens Powder (They're local btw.) to keep them looking new. Skip the dryer too. Air dry on Huggable Hangers (which I obsessively hoard year round) to avoid shrinkage or mad wrinkles. 
  • Get yourself a mani and pedi with either Naked (a sheer beige), Tiny Dancer (a sheer pink) or Like Dreamers Do (another sheer neutral), all from Deborah Lippmann. I prefer subtle shades for my hands and feet (especially in the summer) because I'm one of those people who's high maintenance beauty wise, but wants to appear low or no maintenance. Tip: I also like to bring my own polish to the salon, just to be sure "they" are not using an old bottle that's been sitting around on a shelf for the last decade. (See - told you I was high maintenance pita.)

Ciao For Now,



Photos Credits: Photos of Mrs. Robinson and Butterfield courtesy of their sites and Yelp; photo of black lace La Perla bra courtesy of Google Images.