RI Style Diaries: The Rumor Has It Edition

Today, I'm spilling secrets about everything from a new book to the watch you won't want to take off to a glam house that may or may not (Wink, wink) have a link to both Hollywood and Rock & Roll history. Did I also mention that there are RI connections? Yup. Check it out:


1. Summer Reading Starter Kit 

After breakfast with a friend at the Coastal (nee Athens) Diner in Warwick (Good coffee, in case you're wondering. I had three, possibly four cups.), I somehow ended up at a bookstore where I stumbled across this collection of short stories, edited by RI's own Ann HoodCan't wait to start reading. But gotta tell you that after seeing - and hearing - Ann at this year's Tedx PVD at The Columbus, I sent her a fan email, also asking if she'd be interested in being interviewed for the blog. And got? No response. Not. A. Word. And we have soooo much in common too - we're both from blue collar Italio-American families. We were both bookish (aka, voracious readers) in school. And we both majored in English Lit in college. I mean HELLO?!?! 


2. Watch This

Last year, Tom and I went to a Christmas party where all the men received watches from RI's own Benrus as gifts. Pretty generous of our hosts! Of course, I immediately wanted one for myself...Flash forward to now, because I finally have one of my very own. (Thank you Benrus!) And I'm loving how it - their Infantry model  - works so well to elevate the casual-but-not-sloppy look I've been cultivating these days. It consists of boyfriend jeans (They must not be too baggy in the legs or rear, otherwise you end up will looking bottom heavy.) or cargo pants, a semi fitted t-shirt (This one's Saint James.), a kitten heel (Way comfier than sky high ones and the best way to avoid foot pain as well as possible bunion surgery. Btw: I've coverted my sister who has spent most of her life wearing 3, 4 and 5 inch heels to kitten heel fandom.) and of course, my Benrus. True Story - My husband is already plotting to get his hands on it. #NotHappening #NotOnMyWatchTom

Tip: An oversized or boyfriend watch is one of the quickest ways to 'finish' your outfit. I swear it will make you look more sophisticated and yes, chic-ishly cool. In that 'I work in a creative industry and travel all over the globe' kind of way. (PS - I've been unofficially collecting watches ever since my brother brought me back a bright yellow Swatch from a trip he made to Asia sometime during the mid 1980's.) 


3. Rumor Has It

Think RI is flat. Yawnsville? Just plain BORING? You could not be more wrong. Case in point, the The Pink House. This pink bungalow with stunning ocean views and a gorgeous pool (not to mention a completely refurbished interior) is rumored to have once played host to both Marilyn (Monroe) herself and The Rolling Stones. (Not at the same time! That's chronologcally impossible.) If those walls could talk, right? Right???  For more info about this house - It's available for rental year round, but can you imagine the time you'd have there this summer? - click here

Ciao For Now,



Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of PattyJ.com, except for the image of Providence Noir which was found via Google Images.