This Weekend: 4 Cool, Clever Ways To Impress M-O-M

You and I both know that everybody and their mother will probably be brunching it this weekend, not that there's anything wrong with that...If, however, you want to step outside the brunch box and do something a little out of the ordinary, a little more (Don't hate me for saying this!) inspired, then you're in luck...because I found four ways to win points with and impress the heck out of the mom in your life:

If she reads Vogue religiously and has watched The Devil Wear Prada a few dozen times....

Get her a copy of The Knockoff, the latest novel by Lucy Sykes (Fashion Director for and Jo Piazza, all about the 40-ish editor of Glossy magazine and the 20something former assistant trying to steam roller over her and take her job. Then make her an appointment for a facial at The Retreat At Castle Hill By Farmaesthetics. It's new and it's spectacular. (Speaking of facials, beautiful skin and Vogue, click here to read all about the former Vogue editor who says that no one at the top at the mag wears makeup to work. Ever. #Shocking)


If she's a big Downton Abbey fan....

Take her to The Spring Seasons Inn & Tea Room in Newport for their high tea. You even get to pick out your very own teacup. Space is limited though, so reservations are key. (Not a fan of Downton Abbey or tea? How about celebrity gossip? If you answered yes, click here to see exactly why The Daily Mail UK's Showbiz page is the first thing most PR people, from Boston to LA, skim every morning.) 

If she wears a lot of denim and loves to shop...

Bring her over to Laura Jean (in Newport, RI) or Galapagos (in South County). Both have impressive selections of some of the most flattering - and best quality - jeans around, including styles from AG, Mother and Paige. (Click here to find out how to fray your old jeans at home like a pro.) 

If she always complains about NOT going anywhere or NEVER doing anything fun...

Take her to Arts On Main (on Main Street, EG) this Saturday from 12-3pm. There will be paintings, sculpture and more from over 30 local artists. Fingers crossed the weather will be sunny and 77 degrees, the forecast that the weather app on my I-Phone is showing me right now. (So many good restaurants on Main St. too, including Red Stripe, La Masseria and Besos. Hint, hint.)


Ciao for Now,



Photo Credits: Photos courtesy of Google Images