RI Confidential: I Got Botox'ed

me, three weeks in...

me, three weeks in...

I'm expecting an angry text, email or possibly even a phone call (the gist of it being 'What's the matter with you?', 'What were you thinking?' or 'Are you crazy?') from at least one of my brothers once this blog is posted.

Oh. Well.

I'm not crazy, but I am vain. And I blog. 

The truth is if I didn't write this no one would ever know that I had gone out and had my 11's (the frown lines between my eyebrows) botoxed. Back in March. Because my face still looks pretty natural and not at all overdone, puffy, distorted or Dr. Brandt-ish (The doctor known as a pioneer in using Botox who tragically used too much on himself and ultimately, ended up taking his own life just last month after a battle with depression.)...A few days after having it done, I met up with a friend who said that she could already see a difference (It actually takes about two weeks to see the full result.) and that 11's can make anyone look perpetually stressed and cranky. Even when they are neither. I mean my stress level has nosedived from what it used to be over this last year and a half, but after beaucoup years of squinting, furrowing my brows and frowning, my 11's had become more prominent than ever. (My DR - more about her in a sec - told me that everyone gets 11's eventually. Not something to look forward to.)

So, Botox paralyzes the muscles in your face, but it won't make 11's (or whatever irks you) disappear completely. It will diminish and make them a lot less prominent though. That's something else my DR (Dr. Lori G. Polacek) told me when we were discussing my options. Now, I know a lot of doctors and clinics - even dentists! - in RI are offering injectables (aka, Botox and fillers) these days, but I personally do not want anyone injecting anything into my face unless they are either a board certified plastic surgeon or maybe a cosmetic medical dermatologist. That's it for me. That way the risk of things NOT turning out the way you want them to is much lower. 

The biggest compliment I've gotten post-Botox (I asked for and got a conservative amount.) btw has been my nieces telling me they can't see my 11's anymore. They're gone. Hooray! The thing about admitting you had injections - or anything done to your face  - is that some people will applaud you, some won't care and other people, they'll judge you. Harshly. #HatersGonnaHate Which probably explains why most of the celebrities who get injections (or surgery) give interviews saying that they look so fresh, rested, youthful and absolutely fantastic because they drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat lots of fruits and veggies, get 8 hours of sleep, use $2,000 a jar skin cream and do yoga/pilates/cycling. Blah, blah and blah. Yes, all that matters. It's all important for looking and feeling great once you pass the age of 25. But none of that can or will have a significant impact on the muscles in the face, which no matter what, start to change as you age. (A big thanks also to gravity for doing its part!) So, let's stop setting up unrealistic expectations for people, alright?

That's also why it's time to come clean about having stuff done (I'm looking at you Kylie Jenner and everyone else who credits makeup or lifestyle with their 'enhanced' appearance.) and why I applaud anyone in the public eye or not who is brave enough to come forward and admit that they've had injections, etc. Kelly Ripa and Jenny McCarthy are two celebrities who have been straightforward from the get go. That's major. I remember seeing a video blog with Kelly on HuffPost where when asked about beauty secrets, she revealed it (She has since gone on to say 'Botox has changed her life'.) and later, an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Jenny, which was memorable. Someone called in and asked how she continues to look so amazing. Bikram and Botox. She said. Without missing a beat. Bravo Bravo and Jenny! 

And any 20somethings who want to talk to me about the beauty and integrity of aging gracefully and not interfering with the natural process? Call me in another 10, 15 or 20 years. Let me know how you feel then

Ciao for Now,