The Frugal Stylist: Anthony Sanders

I've been asking my friend Anthony to write a guest blog about style for men for a while. He's stylish, but he's also super busy: from training for this year's Boston Marathon to his full time job to the Providence based running and healthy living group We Run This Town that he co-founded. WRTT is also launching their own line of active wear btw, which you should totally check out - after reading Anthony's blog of course. 

So here’s my 1st guest blog as 'The FRUGAL Stylist'...

I can remember being into fashion as far back as age 12. I think I was inspired by my father. I recall him having a keen sense of fashion with an impeccable attention to detail...In my younger days, I would take whatever the new style was and put my spin on it. One of my best outfits ever was a red satin jacket with medals on it, hammer baggy jeans rolled up & Air Jordan’s. In high school my nickname was ANTSGQ.

Fast forward 31 years and I’m a grown man. My new moniker is ANTSR. Fashion still remains a big part of my life and my motto hasn’t changed: Always stay fly & coordinate - in running & everyday life! My fashion philosophy, however, has changed. I no longer think you need to spend a lot of money to be stylish. It isn't about labels and brands. Style to me is about THE TOTALITY OF THE LOOK. Now don’t get me wrong, there will be things you have to spend a grip on, but for the most part, you can score the staples on sale and build a solid wardrobe. 

Frugal Stylist Tip #1: Embrace the SALE to stock up on basics.  

This month’s savings took place at I scored 9 dress shirts (originally priced at $32) on sale for $14.99. After using the 20% off coupon, the final price was $11.99 per shirt.

Frugal Stylist Tip #2: Coupons are key.

I also scored a plaid self-tie bow tie originally priced at $25.00 on clearance for $8.99 with a final price of $7.19 after using the 20% off coupon

#FrugalStylist Look: Total cost $227 - $80 for seersucker suit, $90 shoes, $17 belt, $20 for the shirt, and $20 for bowtie.


More About Anthony 

Anthony Sanders is a lifelong resident of Providence, 4x marathoner and lead designer for the We Run This Town apparel line. To see more from We Run This Town, click here. To check them out on FB, click here.