Summer In The City: How To Rock July 4th If You're Not Feelin The Parade Or Cookout Thing

Summer is hands down the BEST time of year to live in Rhode Island, but don't drag your feet because it goes by fast. Blink - or spend too much time staring into your phone - and you will miss it. That being said, here are a few ways to celebrate July 4th weekend (and being knee deep in the Summer of 2015) if you're not feeling the parade or cookout thing this year. Where else but in Cranston. 

Ice Cream

 Sundaes on Oaklawn Ave. "They" have everything from soft serve to hard ice cream to sorbet. But the soft serve is really their signature and what I recommend ordering...The lines are long for good reason. (If you want to avoid the wait, get there before 6:30pm most nights.) The portions are huge. I ordered a "kiddie cup" and I swear it was enough to feed a family of four. Jimmies are also a big thing, as is the number of people taking pix of their order to post on IG and Facebook...Other options include a diary free for all you lactose intolerant peeps out there as well as a doggie version for the four legged friend in your life. (Are you surprised? After all, just about everyone has a dog these days. Or so it seems.)

PS - We tried to take Louie, the 65 lbs and still growing golden doodle puppy, to Sundaes, but he kept trying to jump up and kiss everyone who was on line. Most of the kids loved it. The grown-ups? Not so much. So we decided not to take him back til he calms down, which (depending on who we listen to) could be anywhere from 2-3 years. Ha!

Be sure to follow Louie on Instagram @goldendoodlelouie.

Be sure to follow Louie on Instagram @goldendoodlelouie.

Al Fresco

The patio at Bistro 22, Garden City. I'll admit it - I was sad when I found out Cafe Luna had closed. I used to go there for dinner at least once a week - before I started taking nightly yoga and later, PB classes. (Any CL regulars probably remember waiter extraordinaire "Bobby", who could recall your regular drink order and favorite menu items instantaneously, on the spot. Never knew his last name or where he landed post-Luna, but I wish him lots of luck with whatever he's doing these days. ) So understandably it was a while before I could bring myself to try Bistro 22, but now I'm definitely a convert...The patio is hopping most days and open tables at peak lunch time are pretty much nonexistant. I say it's the place to see and be seen this summer...And frequent PattyJ guest beauty blogger Emma Nahod raves about their french fries.

PS - The inside is absolutely gorgeous btw. (See photos above.) When I stepped inside after finishing a late lunch on the patio (There were no tables earlier!) recently, I was floored. The owner was super nice too - She even let me take pictures with my I-Phone while they were prepping for the dinner rush.

Summer Reading

Yeah, I can't wait for Barrington Books to open in Garden City. In the Fall. Wish it were sooner. As in right now. True Story: I had the Borders Rewards Card on my key chain until the end of last year when it finally fell off from wear and tear...In the meantime, here are a few beach - or backyard - read recommendations from me to you: Always Pack A Party Dress (Amanda Brooks); The Book Of Joan (Melissa Rivers); Front Roe: How To Be The Leading Lady In Your Own Life (Louise Roe).

And before you judge me for the 'fluffy' choices, just know that I did my time back in the 90's trying to get thru stuff like Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (who was cute but complicated and depressed. Just my type. Back in the 90's.), k?

PS - Be sure to check out the July 2015 issue of RI Monthly, more specifically, page 22. There you'll find, along three other very cool local blogs. #Wow #RhodyBlogs


Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of, except for the Sundaes sign which was found on Google Images.