RI Confidential: So You Wanna Be A Blogger

Thinking about starting your own blog? Or resuscitating an old one that you used to update and then, got too busy or bored with? I've been hearing both of those a lot these days. Before you do anything, check out today's RI Confidential - it's all about three things you need to brace yourself for once you and your blog go live.

1. I can help you...for 20K.

When PattyJ.com first went live last year, I met with lots of people. People I wanted to feature on the site. People I asked to write guest blogs. And so many people who wanted to 'help me' by either giving actual advice or pitching their services. Sincere (and FREE) guidance I will always take time out for. (I mean despite what you may have heard from a few peeps I used to work with back in my retail days, I am definitely not arrogant enough to think that I know it all.) Where it gets tricky though is when people start pitching you their services for a not-so-small fee, especially when you're a novice in the field, which, in case you don't already know, I totally was. My fav anecdote about this revolves around someone I met for coffee who wanted to help me. Increase the visibility and reach of the site (a pretty vague guarantee, right?) he said. For a price. Around 20K for three months work from him and his company. Take it from me, nothing makes you regret buying someone a $4 coffee more than hearing they want $20,000 from you. 

Patty J Tip: You don't need to spend 20K to get readers to your blog, but you do need to be active on other sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

2. What is it you do again?

True story: Get ready because when you tell people you have a blog, many will dismiss you and others might even laugh in your face. Example: Not long ago, I was at a party at someone's house, talking about how well the blog was doing and how much I wanted to win Best Of RI when this lady laughed right in my face. Yup. I walked away, but I really hope she catches one of the dozens (and dozens) of posts I've put up on FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc about being a Best Of RI Winner for 2015. Uh, who's laughing now???

Patty J Tip: Walk away from haters, but (equally as important) don't you dare be shy about celebrating your wins on social media.

3. You're Not Ready To ______________ (Insert Goal Or Ambition Related To Your Blog Here.)

After PattyJ.com had been live for a little over six months, I heard this a few times. **Rolls eyes** In case you don't know, it's code for 'I think your blog sucks'. First, it was 'You're NOT ready to be in a magazine.' (Could NOT wait to tell this particular person about the blog being in the July 2015 issue of RI Monthly btw.) Then, later, when I confided to someone else about wanting to win Best Of RI, they responded with a bold exclamation of: 'You're NOT ready to win Best Of!' (See what I said above.) Not wanting to seem like a bratty spoiled brat extraordinaire who can't take criticism (For the record, no one likes being around peeps like that.), I nodded my way thru as the naysayer explained to me ad nauseum why my blog was just not there yet. But what I really wanted to do was stamp my feet and yell "You don't know nothing about nothing!!!" Yeah, I had to display some extreme self control there, but make no mistake, my internal monologue definitely included an F word or two...Or three.

Patty J Tip: Be open to constructive feedback. Let it inspire you to do better, but don't let it destroy you or your vision. 


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Photo of Patty J by Ashley Farney. To see more of her work, click  here.

All other photos courtesy of the #PattyJDotCom Instagram account.