Summer Lovin: Two More Ways To Enjoy The Season Before Old Man Winter Brings The Drama

So Labor Day will be here soon, but don't freak...because everyone knows that September is usually pretty mild and sunny too. Even more good news? Here are two other ways - that you might not already be aware of - to enjoy the warm RI sunshine for the next month or two, before old man winter shows up and starts creating may-jor drama.

1. Southern Charm 

And by southern, I mean South Kingstown...Motor over to The Farmer's Daughter on Mooresfield Road, on 138, on the way to URI. I discovered it by accident last week and was pretty jazzed about how friendly everyone was, especially since I hadn't shopped at a roadside stand for veggies and fruits in ages (or maybe never) and I was wearing the worst possible footwear to explore there (high, pointy heeled shoes...In my defense, I wasn't expecting to end up on a farm that day, k?). For only $13 and change, a whole lot less than what I would have paid at my usual haunt, Whole Foods, I ended up walking away with a ginormous bag of fresh veggies, including two kinds of tomatoes, baby potatoes, peppers, and sweet corn. "They" also have plenty of plants and flowers - if you're into gardening - that will help you one up your neighbors and make them all green with envy. And, they even offer theme birthday party packages and year round floral arranging classes too.

*True Story: I've been back twice for more veggies. They're that good!

2. Made In The Shade Style

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to coffee chat with James Phelan, the man behind Baywood Sunglasses, the Newport, RI line of sunnies with wooden or bamboo frames (Like, they were also Best Of RI Winners this year!), thanks to my intern, photographer extraordinaire, and friend of James, Ashley...James roared in on his motorcycle wearing what else? His Baywoods. He regaled us with stories of wearing them on a recent motorcycle trip up to Canada and how lightweight and comfortable they were...Turns out, he actually got the idea for the glasses during a trip out to the West Coast a few years ago. Guess a lot of surfers wear wooden and bamboo sunnies. Who knew?...Another thing that impressed me was the price point - the average one being around $45 - 50. Tres reasonable, right? Especially considering how great these shades look in person - see Ashley's photos above to get an idea. I say get yourself a pair or two (one as a backup, just in case) and every time you put them on, you'll feel like summer could go on forever. 

*To stalk Baywood on Instagram, click here. To scope out their FB Page, click here.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Baywood Sunglass photos by Ashley Farney; Baywood and James Phelan photos courtesy of him; Farmer's Daughter photos courtesy of the PattyJDotCom Instagram account.