RI Restaurant Stories: The Pizza J Review

Last Wednesday night, Pizza J, on Westminster in PVD, opened their doors from 6 - 10pm for a special preview and our friend Ryan Caldrone was there. Here's what he had to say about it.

Stepping into Pizza J for the first time was a welcoming experience. The fantastic staff lead us to our table, and I began to absorb the bohemian aesthetic; an atmosphere that truly fits Westminster. Pizza J is the perfect blend between a classic 1980s pizzeria, complete with rich red tiles and arcade games; and a modern eatery with unique recipes and quality ingredients. 

The pies are large enough to comfortably feed four close friends, and the menu is supplemented by traditional salads and sides with a tenacious twist— the Caesar Salad is an American pizza shop staple, and Pizza J’s is fresh and subtle with just a touch of spice offset with pickled peppers. Their craft beer selection is equally impressive. You can’t have a pizza joint without beer, and I can’t think of a single local pizzeria whose beer selection holds a candle to Pizza J. Fourteen drafts including multiple IPAs, Pilsners, and Stouts should cater to anyone’s pallet… or you can try a few (like me) to find which combinations work with your favorite pie. 

The pie at Pizza J is thin without being harsh, and browned to perfection on the custom in house marble pizza oven. The cheeses and seasonings are the heart of the pizza here, with aroma and flavor strong— making Pizza J comfort food without the comfort guilt. I did have the chance to meet Julian, the owner of Pizza J and his enthusiasm for the restaurant and its customers is genuine. Alternative lighting, unique furnishings, and a “handmade in Providence” aesthetic make Pizza J an excellent dining choice for any day of the week. 

Ryan Caldarone


We hear that Pizza J will be opening again this Wednesday night (Sept 2nd), from 6 to 10pm, too. #Wink


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Photo Credits: All food/beverage photos by Ryan Caldrone. All Pizza J exterior and interior photos courtesy of Ashley Farney.