RI Restaurant Stories: We Only Need Coffee on Days Ending With Y

I blogged this yesterday from the Brewed (Awakenings) on Rt. 2 in Warwick. After driving on the insanity that was the post-storm roadways in the Cranston-Warwick area (What's a Microburst anyway? And how is it that I never heard of it until now?), I was finally able to get an iced French Roast and a cold bagel there. Thank God! (No power or WiFi though - that's the time to use your I-Phone as a Personal Hot Spot, but be warned, this uses up beaucoup data and could cause an overage on your next bill.)

Anyway, by the time you read this, power should be back on and everything else back to normal. Or just about. And my guess is you'll probably be wanting coffee, coffee, and more coffee - to make up for what you missed out on yesterday. With that in mind, here's the #PattyJDotCom guide to java in RI:

For Shopaholics And Their Enablers

I recently visited Galapagos Boutique (Got the credit card bill to prove it!) in Charlestown where I made a pit stop at the Dave's Coffee on the first level, at the entrance. It was there that I had one of the best tasting iced coffee's ever. Not too watery or too bitter. And I'm not even an iced coffee addict like the rest of the state. I usually prefer hot. But this was outstanding...Maybe I'm a little late to the party, but Dave's rules. End of story.

*Or not...I also scooped up two of their signature mugs because in my universe, there's nothing worse than drinking coffee from a dainty little cup. #ILikeBigCupsAndICannotLie


If You Watched Twin Peaks During The 90's

Want a little Twin Peaks vibe with your coffee? Or how about a low key vibe where you don't have to worry about judge-y eyes seeing you without make-up or straightened hair? Then head over to Coast Line (formerly Athen's) Diner, over in Warwick, at 137 Kilvert St., for one of the yummiest cups of diner coffee I've had since launching this blog last year. Service is good; the coffee's even better. I drink at least two cups whenever I'm there. 

*Thanks to my old friend Jessica Cortez for introducing me to Coast Line. Xo


If You're Nosey And You Live For Delicious Pastry

Seven Stars: It's people watching at its finest on Broadway in PVD. Get an exceptionally good latte - the Baristas take great care in making each one. - and a ginger biscuit, one of my fav cheat foods that 'feels' healthy - at least that's what I like to tell myself - because of the ginger. Then sit back and enjoy. Everyone's there - from business people to bohemians, stroller moms to tattoo artists. Also, last time I went, someone I didn't know from Adam bought me a pastry. It doesn't getter much better than that, right? Who says city dwellers aren't hospitable?


Because Westminster Equals Brooklyn

Hate me if you must, but I say Westminster St in PVD is the Brooklyn of RI. Find out for yourself by grabbing coffee and a bagel at White Electric, whose interior I swear must've been designed by RISD alum - there's the giant W and E (that light up) and lightening bolt, on the side wall, for starters. It's also right across from my old HS, Classical. If only there was something like this back in the days when I waited for the Union Chestnut Hill (RIPTA) bus home after school! 


If You've Ever Wondered What And Where The RI Music Hall Of Fame Is

Check out all the local bands, past and present, that've been inducted into the RI Music Hall Of Fame on your walk over to New Harvest Coffee Roasters in the Hope Artiste Village for that java jolt. Some you may know. Others not so much. Still others you wish you'd never ever met. But I digress...Ashley and I ducked in recently after a late afternoon downpour forced us off the roads and were thrilled to get our hands on some NH coffee...There are also tons of other shops and studios in the HAV complex with unique and special merch. Too many to name here, but definitely worth a trip over.


If You're A Bitch Who Brunches

Then it's The Duck & Bunny. I always order a nice big latte to go with my crepes or pancakes.  Consistently delicious and extremely Instagram worthy. I try to go during the week or later in the day on the weekend (After 2 is best!) since it's usually jam packed with other biatches trying to get tables during peak brunch hours. 

*True Confession: When I don't have enough coffee or my laptop falls on a tile floor and my screen cracks in a dozen or more spots, I am a first class, royal bitch. 


And The Most Delicious Coffee You're Probably Not Drinking But Should Be

In other words, you're missing out! If you still haven't visited Vanuatu on Atwells Ave, what the h*ll are you waiting for? The owners (a brother-sister team) are some of the friendliest people I've met in my travels around RI and they make a kick-ass cup of joe that will have you hooked after the first sip. Seriously. Ashley and I both left with bags of the coffee after our first visit and still gush about it. I even recommend it to all my Uber drivers. 

*To eyeball the original blog about Vanuatu, click here.


What're your fav spots for coffee? Did I leave something out? Let me know in the comments below.


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos, except for the coffee cup at Seven Stars and Brewed Awakenings, courtesy of Ashley Farney