There's So Much More To Watch Hill Than Taylor Swift: Summer 2015 Edition

Ever since T. Swift bought that white house high on the hill that overlooks the town, the influx of fans, rubberneckers and lookie loos in Watch Hill has been overwhelming. Especially during the summer. Now, not trying to take anything away from Taylor (Alright, I'll admit  -  a. She is multi-talented and b. I do like a few of her songs, k?), but let's forget about her for a sec. Because, again, there's so much more to WH than just TS. That being said, here are six other ways* (besides trying to catch a glimpse of her) to ramp up the fun on your next excursion to WH:

Food & Restaurants

  • Tis the season...for lobstah rolls, that is: If you're a connoisseur, you need to visit The Bay Street Deli asap. The list is long, from cable talk show hosts to internationally acclaimed directors and action movie stars (sworn to secrecy) to peeps like you and me, of those who wait all year for Bay St. to reopen, just so 'they' can get their hands on the lobster rolls because they're loaded not with tons of mayo but with fresh lobster. Try them and see.
  • Psssssst: I hear that when Robert De Niro was in town last winter, he had such a fantastic meal (and experience) at the nearby Weekapaug Inn that he actually went back again the following night. Now I ask - Can Bobby D., two time Oscar winner and seven time nominee, really be wrong? I think not! After all, Weekapaug is a fab low key-ish option, far away from any maddening crowds, for drinks or dinner with your favs. And now, you never know who you'll see there: I mean who's to say De Niro's buddies Marty (Scorsese) or Leo (DiCaprio) won't pop in for dinner this month? Or maybe sometime in the fall. #ItCouldHappen

Flying Horses & Tabloids

  • I still love looking at newspapers and magazines, especially in my down time when I'm away from home on a daycation, staycation, or the beach. (Remember too that you won't be able to read anything on your phone when you're outside and the sun is shining bright.) Nice to know then that there's still a newsstand at the Flying Horse Carousel where you can pick up a ProJo, NY Post (Page Six? Total fan and read it religiously almost every day.) or maybe a copy of the latest issue of RI Monthly. (See photos above and yes, this blog was voted Best Local Lifestyle Blog 2015 and 2016.)
  • Speaking of the Carousel, did you know it's one of the oldest in the entire country and a National Historic Landmark to boot? The horses were originally surplus from a rocking horse factory and the carousel structure itself was abandoned in WH by a traveling circus back in the early 1880's. (All of that seems so Rhode Island, doesn't it?) Get there before Labor Day and maybe even pick up a brass ring necklace at the ticket booth. It makes a cool gift for someone special - even if that someone special is YOU.

Style & Celebs

  • Trade your baseball caps, black t-shirts, and cut offs with clunky sandals in for anything navy blue, colorful prints from labels like Tory Burch or Lily Pulitzer (which I've always found runs wicked small and does not accommodate those of us who are, for lack of a better word, bootylicious.), Jack Rogers sandals (Jackie O was a fan and you'll find more than a few ladies channeling a Jackie O vibe in WH every summer.), stripes (Plenty of Saint James bateau neck striped tees for sale in both OH gift shops.), and straw hats. If you want to blend in...If not, keep rockin your signature look, but be warned - some of those Jackie O. types will be gawking at you big time.
  • Also, there's a pretty good chance you'll run into another celebrity you weren't even expecting to ever see in WH. Some star sightings in the area over the last few years include: Graydon Carter (editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair), Bobby De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower, Noah Wylie (of ER fame), talk show host Conan O'Brien, and 80's rocker and MTV superstar Billy Idol (Wonder if he did any rebel yelling?). So make sure that beneath your sunnies you keep your eyes peeled. 

Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos by Ashley Farney. Click here to see more of her work.