Restaurant Stories & More: Things Overheard On Main Street East Greenwich

Now, almost any time of year, Main Street is a fabulous place to people watch, but last week was especially nice. The weather wasn't too hot or too chilly (yet). And thanks to my being an expert people watcher - and a nosy bastard - today I have the inside scoop, or things overheard on Main St., EG about Main St., EG, for you.

So, the other day, I was in fact meeting another blogger for coffee in the 02818. Since it was such a fantastic day weather wise and I hadn't had any breakfast (Fun fact: Rarely do you ever get to finish your coffee or eat anything at an actual 'breakfast meeting'.), afterwards I decided to walk over to Raw Bob's for a fresh juice and a chia bar. Once I got there and put in my order though, the place got crazy busy with people post-workout, looking for some sustenance. Definitely a hot spot in town and definitely not the place to go post workout if you're wearing your rattiest old sweats. (Pull out the Lulu, Sweaty Betty or Gap Body instead - just in case you run into anyone you know.) One guy was stopping people he knew, who happened to be walking by, to ask if he could buy them a juice while another was saying how he was having something healthy, but could have really used a spinach pie from Palmieri's Bakery next door. 

And speaking of food, there was also this gem overheard about Besos Kitchen And Cocktails: 

'Main Street is an interesting mix of breakfast places and salons...Besos fills a void. It's the perfect spot for people who want to brunch and look good while doing it.' (I interpreted this to mean people who also like to take selfies and upload them to Facebook and Instagram, but I could be wrong.)

Also, according to my new friends, who were chatting nearby, the manager of Besos used to run Tio Mateo which apparently has THE best chicken supreme burrito ever. (Makes you want to try, doesn't it?)

Thanks mostly in part to this info, and the fact that I have been known to upload a few pics here and there to FB and IG, I went back to Besos later for a meal. On the porch. The food was definitely delicious. The portions generous. The service attentive. And, except for the part where my dining companion spilled an entire glass of water on my new-ish suede shoes (PattyJ Tip: Always waterproof your suede before wearing!), I'd call the meal a success. My only beef would be that as a vegetarian/sometimes pescatarian, I didn't have a lot of meat free options to choose from on the menu. I ended up ordering the beet salad and it was yummy, but would have loved to see more choices.

The beet salad and gigantic burger at Besos.

Unfortunately, we arrived at what can best be described as an off time - too late for the lunch rush and too early for the dinner crowd - so there wasn't much of a scene going on. None of the luxury cars, designer handbags, people taking selfies or reality shows* being filmed that I'd heard people talking about. Bummer.

*For the record, a scene from the partially RI and CT based Bravo show Game Of Crowns was shot on the porch at Besos last year. And not trying to brag, but I did watch every episode of that show at least twice.

Celebrity Factor:

Before Will & Grace, Debra Messing went to high school in EG and a friend of a friend of mine swears she let Debra borrow a pair of jeans back then, that she never bothered to return. Allegedly of course. (But if you do still have those jeans D., send them my way and I'll make sure they are forwarded to your former classmate.)

Shopping & Style:

ZuZu's is definitely a shopping destination for most EG'ers. (To read the blog about ZuZu's, click here.) But EG style is a little harder to pin down in a few sentences. One friend described it as 'old school but interesting'. I say it's part preppy and part post modern glammy with the occasional boho chic thrown in for good measure. Think eclectic prep Amanda Brooks (Google her now and buy her new book Always Pack A Party Dress later. Lots of cool anecdotes about shopping and working with fashion insiders like Plum Sykes, Patrick Demarchelier, etc) or sophisticated prep Kelly Rutherford or updated boho Kyle Richards from the Bravo's RHOBH. (Yes, I have been known to watch a lot of Bravo tv.)


Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of the PattyJDotCom Instagram