My RI Life: Super Cool, Super Stylish Mom Christina Geremia

Hi, I am Christina Geremia, a 24 year old mom of two. I am pretty much a stay-at-home mom of a 4 year old little girl and 7 month old boy, who, along with my husband and my dog, happen to be my life. Miss Sienna and Maison (Yes, I named him Maison with an "I" after Maison Martin Margiela.) keep me busy on a day to day basis, but I am always looking/planning for things to do with them every weekend to build memories, and of course keep them from being idle (Yes, moms, that is a devil's playground!). My family and I love to have adventures and explore places we've never seen before. Of course, if the coffee there is good, I'll be back many more times!


Food And Restaurants

Food is always a good idea and it seems the minute I'm done cleaning up from lunch and we're getting ready to leave the house, my daughter tells me she's hungry (The other notorious time for this is when I tell her it's bedtime.). Some of my favorite places are Flatbread Company in Providence, which allows us to order our own pizzas (My daughter changes her mind about liking pepperoni every other day.) and Chelo's Waterfront in Warwick, which is great for the kids because there's live entertainment all summer long. If you ask the band, they will attempt Taylor Swift and if you're out with your hunny, I promise you will get a kick out of the 4 year old trying to sing it on Karaoke after you've had a few drinks.


Style And Shopping

Flashing back to Fashion, which is by far my favorite topic and yes, moms, it is a struggle to find time for yourself. The battle between leaving the house late with fussy kids waiting for you to perfect your lashes or waking up at 5am to get red carpet ready for your coffee mug can be frustrating. One tip that works for me is to pick out the kids' clothes and lay them out, along with my outfit, the night before. And I always make sure I am up and ready before they get up

I love to shop anywhere and everywhere and I dress my kids similar to how I dress myself: staple items and lots of basics and solid colors. In my house, fringe boots are a staple. I recently found two awesome pairs for the price of one Minnetonka - My daughter grew out of those in one season! You can get fringe boots/sandals at H&M, Nordstrom Rack or Children's Place. I love mixing them back to basics and color on color.


Family Trips And Time

Family vacations are one of the most important things to do with your kids and I'm sure everyone has a time they think back to when their parents took them to a particular state on vaca and it was a blast! This year, my husband and I decided to stay local and drive to Lincoln, NH (I'm sure all the data on my phone was used up in the first hour of my daughter watching Shopkins on YouTube.). We stayed at the Inn Season Resort, located right off the highway and close proximity to some of my favorite places. The Inn Season offers amazing spaces. Our room had a fireplace, a fully stocked kitchen, and, my favorite part, a Jacuzzi with a tv in the master bedroom. My daughter took a suitcase with her Barbies and had a blast for hours in the (empty) Jacuzzi with her shows on the tv, while my husband and I got to relax. My fav places to grab some fresh food to cook or coffee are the Purple Tomato Farmer's Market and Cascade Coffee House (They have a coconut flavored coffee that's amazing!). The city also offers many options for Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, and locally grown.

Since we are always going on adventures and trying new places and things, I'll be sure to post as I explore, but that's all I have for now, so enjoy!


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Christina, except for Flatbread Company, Chelos, and The Children's Place (all courtesy of Yelp) and the New Hampshire spots (both courtesy of Google Images)