RI Style Diaries: Are You A Designer Sunglass Fan?

Two things you need to know:

  1. This week is the one year anniversary of this blog, PattyJ.comgoing live. 
  2. I love sunglasses.

But, even if you're not a blogger, you can still appreciate the many reasons why sunglasses are awesome and make life that much better, including these:

  • With the right sunglasses (in a shape and color that flatters your face shape, skin tone, and hair color), you can leave the house without much makeup (maybe some lipstick or gloss) and still look fab.
  • Wear them when you're out power walking the neighborhood, with your air buds in and Spotify on of course, and you can stylishly avoid eye contact with 'the noisy guy' (or gal) down the block, who always seems to be out walking the dog and always seems to know everyone else's business. "Ohhh. Didn't see you there....Wish I could chat but getting in my cardio." #ByeFelicia
  • Sunnies are also a must for going out, day or night, with that one friend who's notorious for taking lots of group selfies (in which you inevitably end up looking surprised, tired or a little of both) and gleefully uploading them to FB, Instagram or both. I promise you'll NEVER take a bad group, or 'single' selfie, again while wearing the right sunglasses. I mean why do you think practically every blogger out there is wearing shades in the majority of their pics? 
  • And, finally, if you do happen to be a blogger, shades come in extremely handy in helping camouflage how tired you look (at least until that 2nd cup of java kicks in) because you were up late the night before, writing, re-writing or editing posts. 

Now, speaking of sunnies and IG, I'm celebrating the PattyJ.com Anniversary starting today, with a little help from my friends at OPTX RI. Gotta first thank them for my gorgeous pair of centralparkPicnic (See photos above...Thankfully it was a pretty good hair day.) glasses from their brand new line blueLove. Even better? You can win your own, and more cool swag, from PattyJ, OPTX and blueLove. Simply click over to the PattyJDotCom Instagram account (and look for the giveaway post today 09-30-15) to find out exactly how to win* big. 


Celebrity Factor:


Too many to list here, but you should know that Miss Universe 2012 (and RI native) Olivia Culpo and Giuliana Rancicof E! Entertainment's Fashion Police and their Red Carpet coverage, are both major OPTX fans. In addition, OPTX is also the Official Eyewear Sponsor of the Miss Universe Pageant. 


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


*Rules and restrictions apply. 


Photo Credits: Olivia Culpo and Guiliana Rancic photos courtesy of the OPTX IG account. Exterior of OPTX courtesy of YELP. All other photos by PattyJ.com and Patty J Style, LLC.