RI Restaurant Stories: 5 Reasons To Take A Mini Road Trip To Warren

I first spied Eli's Kitchen while driving around Warren (Blink and you might miss it.) after Sunday brunch at another restaurant nearby, aka, Simone's (Another awesome spot to add to your list. Click here for the blog about them.). I knew instantly that I had to get back to Eli's on an empty stomach because it just had that hidden gem kind of vibe. Later, when I tried to search Google, the Maps App, etc. for more info, nothing came up. Probably because, for some reason (Too much screen time perhaps?), I remembered the name as Ellie's, instead of Eli's. My bad. Anyway, someone recently sent me a FB invite to LIKE a page and it turned out to be...Eli's. Light bulb moment! And that's how I ended up back there yesterday afternoon.


From the outside, I couldn't see very much. My view of the interior was obscured by the white curtains in the front windows that bookend their entrance. I did catch a glimpse of someone laughing and smiling. A good sign. I hesitated a little before opening the door, but once I did, I had a complete and total WOW moment. The interior is cozy and eclectic. Think 21st century farm-to-table funky - i.e., pairing your old faithful overalls and clogs or boots with an Italian made leather tote, a statement piece (of jewelry), and red lipstick - meets the Anthro(pologie) catalog (I personally don't trust anyone who isn't obsessed with that book btw.). One caveat: Seating is limited because it's small-ish. There's a booth in each of those front windows that could accommodate 4-5 comfortably and a communal table (where I sat) that fits about 8, give or take. Other than that, there are 4 tables for 2, along a side wall, and some 'bar' style seats, facing the open kitchen, which I usually hate, but would take at Eli's. (That's really saying something because I'm notorious for ruthlessly rejecting any and all seats at the bar in restaurants. #Brat)

More highlights from Eli's? The menu is Ahhh-mazing (Two words: extensive and inspired) and my lunch was delicious. I had a squash melt with a side of greens (For the record, I'm a brat and a vegetarian.) and coffee, which was also something to write home about. It's always disappointing when you find a fabulous spot with outstanding food and the coffee turns out to be mud city. (Sad face.) Definitely not the case at Eli's! Their service gets gold stars too. I was seated right away and didn't feel ignored. Ever. I do hear that there can be a long wait for a table during peak Sunday brunch or lunch/dinner hours though. (I was there later in the afternoon, so it was pretty mellow.) Also, before I forget, they are closed every Monday and Tuesday on the reg and the week of January 27th - 31st for Spring cleaning and renovations. Plan accordingly. (You're going to want to try this place and soon.) 


More To See And Do In Warren

All of these are within walking distance of Eli's: Get yourself an old time-y coffee cabinet (My brothers lived on those back in the day!) at Delekta Pharmacy on Main Street. * Grab a 2nd (or third and fourth...I had at least six yesterday.) cuppa coffee over at Coffee Depot. (Last time I was there, they had 'local' boiled eggs, yogurt parfaits, and some pastries too.) * Bring someone along to take your pic for Instagram under the giant Del's Lemonade (off Main, on Child Street) sign. That's a must! #winkyface


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Eli's photos courtesy of the PattyJDotCom Instagram account; Additional photos of Warren and Main Street businesses by Ashley Farney