RI Confidential: 12 Totally True Stories About Men Behaving Badly

Lots of PattyJ.com readers have asked for more posts about men and relationships and I just want to say here and now that (unlike the dude in the photo above) I'm listening. With that in mind then, I'm sharing 12 totally true and totally funny stories about men being, for lack of a better term,  f*ck boys that I've collected from friends, frenemies (They don't really wish you well. WE all have at least one.), current and former contributors to the blog, acquaintances (Definition: People who message you on FB, but don't have your personal cell.), family, and people I run into when I'm grabbing coffee around town. Also, all names have been omitted for the obvious reason that no one wants to be known as a f*ck boy. Sworn. To. Secrecy. 

  •  He invites himself and all his bro's over for dinner, has a great time, and then, never answers your texts again...Free meal, lol?
  • He claims that 'Now's not the right time for us.', but never really explains why or when that might change.
  • You ignore his 15 'Hey, What's Up?' texts in a row, but he still doesn't get the message. #seeya
  • When he drunkenly says he wants to marry you...only to get a serious girlfriend 2 weeks later.
  • He texts you for weeks, saying he has the perfect date in mind, before suddenly 'going ghost' - aka, not answering your texts and never taking you out. #wtf
  • He texts you after a year of being MIA, just to let you know he 'never really liked you anyway'. Good to know! ~
  • When you spend the night with him and then, find out 48 hours later that he got back with his ex-gf and had her name tattooed on his arm. (Or he marries her. Same difference.)
  • You make things official (uploading a cute pic of the two of you to IG) before leaving on a trip abroad, only to find out mid-trip that's he's been sneaking around while you've been away.
  • He takes you to California to celebrate your anniversary, then on the first night, leaves you at his Aunt's, so he can go out with his old friends. 
  • Or he leaves you at 12:01 on New Year's to go out with his friends.
  • You try to surprise him on Valentine's by wearing some sexxxy lingerie, but he comes home drunk  and passes out. You end up sleeping on the floor.
  • And finally...He says he doesn't believe in Valentine's Day. An old friend of mine lived with such a guy for too many years and even supported financially him during most of their time together. I found out later that he had married - and had a baby with - someone other than her. He now lives on the West Coast, where I'll bet dollars to donuts he celebrates frigging V-Day. 


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Couples pic courtesy of Getty Images.