New & Exciting In RI: Go Here To Finally Make Peace With Your Feet

Be kinder to your feet...find out how in today's #PattyJDotCom

Last Friday morning, I met someone for coffee at Vanuatu (Their java will change your life btw.) on Atwells. On the way, I passed a new place. It looked like some sort of 'foot spa', but more about holistic treatments and not so much pedis. I was running late though, so I couldn't stop, but I knew I had to go back. Especially because of all the damage I've done to my feet over the years by wearing cheapie sneakers and shoes (No support!), standing for hours on concrete floors (#iworkedretail and had the calluses to prove it.), and finally, forcing them into narrow, sky high heels (The higher the heel, the thinner the thigh. Or something like that. And it's all fun and games until you have to wear orthopedic looking shoes for a month because every other shoe you own hurts like hell.)


Anyway, I went back yesterday and thought it was an experience definitely worth sharing. Originally, I went in for the 'foot cupping' (Not gonna lie, ever since I saw Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a strapless black dress on an awards show red carpet, and showing off some cupping marks on her back from a recent treatment, I've been dying to try.), but the person who usually does that wasn't available, so I settled for the 30 minutes of foot reflexology. (Menu of services and pricing below.)

Once I was shoeless, sock-less, and seated, "they" started by soaking my feet in hot water for a few minutes, which felt pretty fantastic on a freezing cold January day, even more so because I am one of those people who is cold all the time. Also, the basin I was soaking in had a disposable plastic liner, which, in my beauty book, makes it way more sanitary. (I'm not a full fledge germaphobe, but I do have tendencies...see photo below.)

My feet  

Next, my feet, and calves, were wrapped in towels, the precursor to the actual reflexology massage part, during which I almost fell asleep...twice (You know how you catch yourself dozing off and snoring? Yeah, like that.). That being said, I highly recommend this to anyone looking to take a mini-break from worrying about work or getting to the grocery store for milk and bread before this weekend's storm (I hear it's not going to be the biggest storm in 20 years after all. Whew.) or whether or not Mariah Carey's engagement with Australian billionaire James Packer will work out (which was THE big celeb gossip last night while I was blogging away).

Another thing: I was so relaxed after the 30 minute treatment that I completely spaced out and forgot to snap pictures of their exterior to include in this blog. I do, however, want to leave you with a few helpful points about Le Foot

  • It's a clean but no frills environment, so don't expect to hear the Sirius Satellite Spa Channel playing or drink fancy schmancy tea blends from Whole Foods. It's also probably NOT a good idea to bring along that status conscious friend who lives to "check in" on FB from chi chi places. 
  • If you are taking someone else along, call ahead and make an appointment, so they are able to accommodate you both. 
  • Wear a pair of straight legs or flares the day of. You don't want anything too tight on your calves. You want something you can cuff up easily prior to the foot bath and massage.
  • They take credit cards. (Who carries cash around anymore anyway?)


Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of, except for the feet soaking with the flower petals. That is courtesy of GettyImages/SquareSpace.