RI Restaurant Stories: The 9 Places To Go After Your Dinner Is A Dud

When I don't eat, I get a little cranky. #understatement It's even worse when I go out for dinner and an hour or so later, I walk out starving. Grrrrrrrrrr. The main reasons for this being that I didn't like the food and there was no bread on the table. Yeah, I'm definitely NOT naming names, but I will cop to not being gluten free and using the bread basket as my fallback. But what about those places that don't offer any bread at all? That's a nightmare and that's when I really start getting hangry. So, that scenario played out again fairly recently. That's why this is not a restaurant review and how it has actually morphed into a list of great local eateries open a little later - just in case you find yourself in a similar situation. (For the record, I hope you don't - it sucks!) 

  1. Circe - Go mid week. Sit at the bar (not too close to the entrance - it's cold out there ya know!), order a drink and some dinner and eavesdrop on the woman in deep conversation with the bartender. Like we did the other night. Or go on the weekends. If you're single. I hear it's quite the scene.
  2. Twin Oaks - Consistently good and open till 11pm. Give in to the urge to order a chicken parm. (They're also a big, BIG part of RI history - restaurant and otherwise.) 
  3. The Trap - The only place to get beer and burgers, which help make absolutely everything better, until midnight in EG. (So says my friend who considers himself the unofficial burger expert in RI. He also claims to have "discovered" Nice Slice on Thayer, but that's another story.)
  4. Antonio's (on Thayer & East Ave) - Get pizza until close to 2am. Go here to make up for that disappointing meal that you sat thru earlier in the night. Or Uber over after you had one too many cocktails and need nourishment pronto.
  5. Fellini's - I'm partial to their Pawtuxet Village location in Cranston. I've had many good meals and times there. The pizza and the service are something to write home about. 
  6. Pizza J - It's become 'a solid'. (That's according to a guy I know who is super famous for being a night owl in the OS. And me too. I'm a diehard fan and hear the recipe for the sauce is Julian's great grandmother's and takes something like 7-8 hours to make.)
  7. Firehouse (Hot Dogs) - Highly recommended by someone who couldn't remember exactly where they are located (Putnam Pike in Johnston, for the record, thank you Google!), but who did swear up and down about how amazing their 'dogs' are. 
  8. NY System - Olneyville for you hot wiener purists and Reservoir Ave (Cranston) for those of you from the new school
  9. Haven Bros - When in doubt, the answer is always HB. (Or so says that same guy famous for being a night owl in the OS. Hoot, hoot.)


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Bar stool photo courtesy of Getty Images. All other photos from the PattyJDotCom Instagram.