My RI Life: Actor, Writer, Producer & Director Duncan Putney

Sometimes the place where you enjoy reading a story can be a great place to write one. I’m an actor, writer, producer and director who originally came to Providence in 1998 to produce musical theater with A2Z Productions. It was an easy commute to work in both Boston and New York. As you can guess, at any moment I could be unemployed in many fields, but I have been lucky enough to make my living as an actor in film/TV. While I was recovering from being injured in a random shooting in 2003, I decided to start concentrating more on writing. 

I spend most of my non-acting/auditioning days writing, fueled by great tasting cups of black coffee and sitting in a comfortable chair at Vanuatu Coffee Roasters (294 Atwells Ave., Providence) on Federal Hill or I’ll walk downcity to Small Point Café (230 Westminster St., Providence). Both establishments are wonderful places to enjoy a cup and write, people watch, read or have a conversation. For a lunch break I can recommend the sandwiches at both cafes. I also enjoy the affordably priced sushi and Korean lunch specials at Sura on Westminster Street (232 Westminster Street, Providence), a great deal for your noon meal. At the end of the day, I’ll stop by Nara (248 Atwells Ave., Providence) on Federal Hill because I’m addicted to their kitchen made hummus. If I’ve had a productive writing week, and have earned it, on Fridays I’ll treat myself to a nice single malt to go with that hummus. 

All that coffee, hummus and scotch have paid off in some great scripts and recently resulted in an e-novella, “Pocket Change” available for your Kindle on Amazon or for your Barnes & Noble Nook Reader or as an audio book voiced by west coast actor Chris Ciulla on Audible. The book is the first in what I hope will be a series of short murder mystery novellas following the character of Ray Boon, a screenwriter who lives in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and talks to an annoying imaginary friend, with the bad manners to interrupt his writing sessions, and who also helps him solve a murder. I hope you’ll enjoy reading “Pocket Change” (only 99 cents for the e-book) while sipping a cup of your favorite beverage and sitting in a comfortable chair.


Duncan Putney is a professional actor who’s resume includes roles in “The Judge,” “RIPD,” “Mystic River,” “Brilliant Mistakes,” “By the Sea,” and “We Shall Remain,” and commercials for the likes of “Papa Gino’s, “Visa,” and “Alamo.”  His screenplays have done pretty well, including “ROGUE ISLAND” winning the Spotlight on New England Screenwriting Competition, several of his PSA campaigns received New England Emmy Awards, and his children’s history show pilot “HALF PINT” took home a Van Gough Award from the Amsterdam Film Festival. You can find out more about Duncan at and


Photo Credits: All Vanuatu photos are courtesy of photographer Ashley Farney. Small Point image found via Google Images. Sura and Nara images from their respective Facebook Pages. All other photos provided by Duncan Putney.