New & Exciting In RI: It's The Very First Boutique Hotel In Gansett

The other night I was scrolling Instagram when someone tagged me in a post. After a brief WTF moment, I realized it wasn't a spammer or a scammer (If you're on IG, you know exactly how annoying all those scam artists selling likes, followers, etc. are.) Instead, it was one of my IG 'friends' who was staying at, and posting from, what looked like a really cool hotel in Narragansett, which, for the record, I had been unaware of until that moment. She'd tagged me, thinking it was something I should definitely be blogging about. #thanksforthinkingofmehilary #anotherreasoniloveinstagram

Located on Ocean Road, in walking distance of the iconic Aunt Carrie's restaurant, The Break, which opened last June, is the only boutique hotel in all of Gansett. It's also updated retro beach-y done right, from the shiny blue adirondack chairs lining the front porch to the gigantic built-in aquarium that greets you in the lobby to the heated salt water pool around back. More neat and noteworthy stuff? There's a rooftop deck with a fab water view, and a bar, as well as a ground floor restaurant called Chair 5, named for a lifeguard chair on Narragansett Town Beach. And you definitely don't have to be a guest at the hotel to have lunch or dinner at the restaurant. I was there for an early lunch this week. First and foremost, for all my fellow coffee lovers, gotta say I was thrilled that a. they served me French press b. it was good. They even made me a wedge salad without the bacon. (I'm a vegetarian, but if you're a lover things like bacon, a good burger or chicken, there are plenty of options on their menu for you.) 

Now, maybe you've already heard the buzz about all the fireplaces at The Break and you're wondering if it's true? Well, allow me to confirm here and now that yes, there is a gas fireplace in practically every room. So cozy in the off season and for a Valentine's stay on or around 02/14. (It's ok to drop the V-word today because the cards and stuffed animals are out in the stores in full force at this point.) And I got a mini-tour of one of their king suites that would be THE perfect way to impress your significant other for V-Day this year. (All the rooms have heated bathroom floors and Smart tv's too btw. Speaking of top shelf amenities, I say there will be some celeb sightings at The Break this year. So, when all that starts going down, remember that you heard about it here first on!) 

Me personally? I'd love to stay for a weekend. I mean think of the Instagram possibilities alone (So many it's ridiculous!), which reminds me of a story that a makeup artist friend confided a while back. Something about how he knows people who stay in local boutique hotels, just so "they" can pass them off on IG as their houses or apartments. Thought I'd share that, in case you actually believe everything you see in your Insta feed. #yourewelcome

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of me