The Awesome Food Delivery App: All About OrderUp Providence

Last week, while we were in Italy, I was chatting with someone who lives in PVD about OrderUp (the delivery app) being available in the cap city now. His first response was how much of a PITA it is ordering in the city and then having to drive over to pick up food because parking can be such a drag. Of course, you could walk, but what if it's raining? Too hot? Too cold? Or you're wearing your fav pair of heels (or high booties)? Or how about if you're just not feelin it? That's where OrderUp Providence comes in to save the day. Or night. I mean I actually ordered an xl, extra thin crust pizza from Sicilia's last night (using the app) and it went off without a hitch. Nothing like pizza from The Hill without having to leave your house in the 'burbs.*

I also asked a trusted contributor to the blog, who just so happens to be responsible for organizing lunch on a daily basis for a rather large group in Prov. (In other words, lunch is serious biz to her.), to test out the app last week and report back. Drum roll, please! Yeah, she's a convert now for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • You can add the tip into your order - right in the app, via your credit card or Apple Pay - which is way easier than fumbling for bills or change at the time of delivery. (Click here to download the app.)
  • OrderUp lets you track your driver. A big plus, whether you're ordering for 1 (aka, yourself) or a dozen of hungry (or hangry...Hey, we've all been there.) peeps.
  • The driver located them quickly, sent a text when he arrived, and was very polite. All good, right?
  • Extra bonus points because 'they' (her group) also got to try a new restaurant via the app.

Speaking of which, OrderUp features Patty J tried & true favs like Jacky's Waterplace and Ocean State Sandwich, as well as other super popular options like Sicilia's (That pizza was delish! Everyone at my place agreed.), Clean Plate, and so many more. In addition, I hear there are also specials and deals on the reg on certain meals and snacks. #alwayseating

Curious? Get $10 off your first OrderUp Providence when you use the promo code PATTYJ at checkout. ($15 min required and new customers only please. Discount not applicable for taxes, tips, fees. Now through 11/30/2016.)


*As of right now, OrderUp Providence is available to businesses and those who make their homes downtown, on Fed and College Hill, on Hope Street, and in Fox Point. I was able to get pizza from Sicilia's Sunday night (could have ordered other food), but to take full advantage of their roster of restaurants, you should really be situated in one of these neighborhoods in PVD.

**This is a #sponsored post. 


Ciao for Now,

Patty J