The Big City Neighborhood Where Beauty & Skincare Trends Are Born

Disclaimer: Sorry for the rant, but your skin is so important and you should be making it a priority before you buy another pair of $250 jeans or round of cocktails. Let me say it again, YOUR SKIN IS SO IMPORTANT. The first impression you give to someone is based on pure looks - your face, your body. Sorry/Not Sorry. That being said, here are some tips that you NEED to know.

#KoreaTownNYC (Or What To Do Before Botox)

Not sure if you're in the loop about skincare and beauty trends, but Korean products are huge right now. The best part? You can get an outstanding cleanser, anti-acne (or anti-aging) serum, something to soften your dried out winter feet or even smooth out your hair for a pretty sharp price. So, we're talking affordable, effective, and (in many cases) exotic enough that you can surprise your friends by casually dropping into conversation how much you love this new product they've most likely never ever heard of. (Or better yet, next time one of your friends tells you how nice your skin's been looking lately, you can say something about the $3 sheet masks you've added into your rotation.)

Now, for future reference, next time you're anywhere near NYC, get the true K-Beauty experience by visiting Korea Town, specifically West 32nd Street, off 6th Ave. There you'll find at least a half dozen shops (including The Face Place*, Tony Moly, and The Mask Bar) with low cost sheet masks, lines to de-grease and plump wrinkles, booties to wear to soften your feet and remove the dreaded dead skin, and more. (If you've tried to order the Baby Foot Peel from Amazon and found it was on back order, have no fear. We saw at least a half dozen diff. versions at these shops.)

I promise you will thank me later. (*And I personally walked out of The Face Place with so many goodies, including a foot peel, for only about $30.)

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