Drag Brunch Is Always A Good Idea

But First Brunch...

Find yourself staying home with the Keurig, and the Christmas tunes on repeat, lately? Bored AF with brunching and posting about it? 


Well, get over the MEH-ness and get to one hosted by the Queens - Vilet Laboss, LaDiva Jonz, and Jacqueline DiMera (Am I the only one thinking Days Of Our Lives? I mean, that Stefano DiMera was an epic soap villain back in the day.) - at Drag In RI. We went yesterday and had THE best time!

For starters, B. and S. were more than a little envious of the gams on LaDiva Jonz (I'm thinking Liza with a Z during her Hollywood hey day.), but truth be told, all the ladies were glam, glittery, hilarious, and high energy. They were joking about having been up until all hours at Foxwoods the night before, but not sure if I buy that. With all the animated dancing, lip synching, and banter with the audience? No. Way. (And for the record, so much more fun than sitting home in your slipper socks, sipping java from an old, chipped mug.)

Why Be Moody When You Can Shake Your Booty?

So, if you're a fan of mimosas and a lotta laughs, this is your jam. You don't have to wear your heels, but when you see Vilet, LaDiva, and Jacqueline shaking it in theirs, you'll be super impressed. I mean, (I) barely made it out the door and back to the car in mine, immediately following the show, without a stumble. #heelgame

Ciao for Now,

Patty J