Your Pinterest Dreams Finally Realized At This Rhody Hidden Gem

Admit it, even now, when you're feeling stressed or uninspired, you find yourself clicking over to Pinterest to zone out and scroll an endless parade of photos, featuring everything from food porn and drinks to movie stars and style icons to smart ass quotes and stunning interiors. (Maybe it's such a great escape because unlike FBInsta or Snapchat, there's zero pressure to actually post anything yourself? You get to relax, hang back, and just take it all in...although I will cop to hating the big influx of ads on there in the last year or two. )

I say this because I've found THE place in the OS where all your Pinterest dreams come to flipping life! The ones about Christmas decorations, interior design, and gardens anyway...

After driving by at least a bazillion times, glancing The Cottage off to the side (Spy the photos above.), and swearing I'd get back another time to scope it out, I finally made it over there and no surprise, it was pretty enchanting. Besides that shabby chic little hideaway that first caught my eye from the road (In a perfect world, we'd all have one in our backyards dammit!), there's also a side porch, which is the ultimate in Holiday cheeriness Cute, cute, ADORABLE!

Not to mention the whimsical gardens, and paths, that frame the shop and the rest of the property. They're not Holiday, but they are equally as captivating as any of the Christmas scenes. #landscapegoals

This charming spot? It's actually something called The Wickford Collection, a store featuring furniture as well as gift-y items and yessss, design support for both inside and outdoors, located in (Where else?) Wickford, which believe it or not, back in the really olden days was known as The Venice of America. (It's also, in my opinion, one of the most underrated destinations in RI.) Most definitely worth checking out next time you need some #inspo for your home life this winter and beyond.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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