When In Doubt, Take A Staycation

Today is the kick-off of our staycation at The Break Hotel in Narragansett, so thought I'd throw things back (It is Throwback Tuesday after all.) to our original, intro post all about it. Check it out now and then later today, watch for brand new stories from our current stay over on the PattyJDotCom Instagram and more tomorrow right here on PattyJ.com

The other night I was scrolling Instagram as per usual when someone suddenly tagged me. After a brief WTF moment, I realized it wasn't a spammer or a scammer (If you're on IG, you know how annoying all those scam artists selling likes, followers, diet drinks, etc. can be.). It was actually one of my friends, staying at what looked like a really cool hotel in Narragansett, which until then, I'd been totally unaware of. She'd tried to get my attention, thinking it was somewhere I should definitely be blogging about. 

Located on Ocean Road, in walking distance of the iconic Aunt Carrie's (the clam shack that Rhody childhood, post beach day memories are made of), The Break is the only boutique hotel in all of Gansett. It's also updated-retro-beach-y done right, from the shiny blue adirondack chairs lining the front porch to the gigantic built-in aquarium that greets you in the lobby to the heated salt water pool around back. More neat and noteworthy stuff? There's a rooftop deck with a fab water view (and a bar) as well as a restaurant on the ground floor called Chair 5, named after the lifeguard station on nearby Narragansett Town Beach

Speaking of boutique hotels, this reminds me of a story a makeup artist, who was helping me look presentable for a dinner with Anna Wintour's almost step daughter a while back, had confided. Something about how he knows people who stay in local boutique hotels for the sole purpose of passing them off on Insta as their houses or apartments. Thought I'd share that, in case you're in need a little chuckle. #yourewelcome

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


*This is a revised version of the original post that appeared on this blog in January of 2015.

Photo credits: All photos courtesy of PattyJ.com