Dear Men: 5 Last Minute Missteps To Avoid This Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is on. And even if your wife or gf has texted a pic or link to a specific item she wants this year, you're still not off the hook. After all, everyone knows (but they may not always come out and say) that to have a truly merry holiday, you have to include another gift, a surprise that you thought of all on your own. So, if you're that guy who thinks he's all set or if you haven't even started shopping yet, don't panic. But do scroll on for 5 common, last minute mistakes to steer clear of.

1. Sensible

Don't even think about flannel anything. Or a new vacuum. Those are things you get your granny, not your Bae. I mean, do you think John Legend is buying Chrissy Teigen a blender this year? Not quite. Instead, think lingerie and lace or maybe something sparkly (as in jewelry). 

2. Sweets

Two months early (It's 12/25, not Valentine's!) and destined to be re-gifted to any stragglers who show up for a visit during that awkward window between Christmas Day and New Year's. Besides, most of us have been over-indulging in cookies, candy (and cocktails) for the last month or two anyway and the last thing we want is to unwrap more of the same. Save those for the office secret santa gift exchange.

3. Snuggies

Or anything else (The Suzanne Somers' Poncho and Chia Pets come to mind.) you'd find while wandering your neighborhood CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid. Nothing says I put zero thought into your holiday quite like a box from the aisle where you find all the As Seen On TV stuff.

4. Scents

Let me explain - I know plenty of people who sell fragrance for a living and they are darn knowledgeable. The problem is that unless your significant other already has a signature scent they rock daily, or is an admitted beauty junkie who lives to buy the very latest ones, picking up the wrong bottle (one that's too flower-y for ex.) could backfire big time. And have them thinking that you (sniffle) don't know them at all! 

5. Store Cards

Can't repeat this enough: If you know she happens to have her eye on something pricey at a certain store, then giving a card toward said item is fine. If, however, you're running out this week (or on Christmas Eve Day) to buy gift cards at the shops with the shortest lines, then yikes

Ciao for Now,

Patty J