Here's How To Get Italian Style & Sustainable Chic In Ten Struts

Francesca B., the Italian blogger who now calls Miami, USA home has returned and she's spilling secrets from her new book about the easiest ways to co-opt effortless looking, Euro style

It feels good to be back and I am grateful to Patty for the invitation.

It’s funny how I am still so Italian that, to really get into the holiday mood, I had to squeeze in a trip to New York. No palms or beaches say holiday cheer to me. 

This year Christmas and my birthday (tomorrow!) are different though, as my book The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style: Confidence and Sustainable Chic in Ten Struts is out! 

It’s official: get ready to empty out the meaningless clutter, and curate an inspirational wardrobe while reclaiming yourself. The book transports you into a world of desirable glamour and rousing style, and shows you how to achieve the understated chicness Italians are recognized for, regardless of nationality, age or budget. Let me give you a sneak peek of the book with some excerpts:


“Style is not aspirational and Italian style is a free falling experience. A brush of freedom with a patina of elegance and rigor, Italian style will percolate through the cracks of everyday life to become your own personal curator.”


“I frugally curate.” If you practice the exercise of ignoring trends, fashion automatically becomes less intimidating. Looking good and being well-dressed is a balance of taste and brains. 


“[…] what message I want to convey with what I wear, and why I feel good when I look good. I firmly believe that a moment cannot be mass produced and that, the same outfit, worn on different days by the same person, never does look the same.” 

“Your own taste and sense of appropriateness, preferences, attributes, moods and current lifestyle come first and you need to own them with intelligence, passion, determination and a great dose of humor.”


Italian style doesn’t discriminate those who wear luxury from those who don’t, because one side of Italian style is extremely discreet and understated. Quality is what jumpstarts you to a mind of luxury. Luxury becomes a state of mind; it means owning your personal style, never regret wearing something, feeling appropriate and at ease, regardless.


Style has nothing to do with how much money you wear in an outfit, it moves hand-in-hand with taste, personal taste. […] Form follows function: a genteel way of dressing doesn’t look affected.

5 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I am the lucky one in the family that finds four-leaf clovers.
  2. I tasted chocolate for the first time when I was 13 and never stopped.
  3. Make sure I've had my first coffee before you talk to me.
  4. It’s always Christmas time.
  5. I am convinced in one of my past lives I lived in Downton Abbey, upstairs of course, most probably as Lady Violet.

I’d love to hear what you think about the book and wish you a fabulous and scintillating holiday season, 

Xoxo Francesca 

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