These Are A Few Of Our Fav Things About The Renaissance PVD

A chance to trade in the last minute madness for a mini break and some holiday cheer at The Renaissance in PVD? You don't have to ask me twice. (Wheelie suitcase? Check. Laptop with the screen I cracked after dropping it on ceramic tile? Check!) Now, I'm guessing that you're already aware of The Ren's history as an unfinished masonic temple that remained empty for decades, a national landmark, and finally, a luxe hotel. Yeah, that last part - it's stunning (The Views too!) and there's a definite attention to detail that you just don't find these days, especially when it comes to the sparkle of the Christmas decorations throughout their lavish lobby. 

More about THAT (including the tree) in tomorrow's blog - mostly because right this minute, I want to gush about their new (as in this year) Presidential Suite. It's a sensational space for a staycation. Or a special event. Or a romantic weekend away from home. They call it the "Presidential Suite", but I say it should be the "Rock Star Suite". I could totally see Taylor, Beyonce or even Mick (The Stones are long overdue to play Providence after that drama back in the 80's when they were supposed to do a surprise gig at PPAC, but it got shelved after one of the local news outlets leaked the story too early.) taking up residence for a bit.

The service is also top shelf all the way. As the talented photog* taking the pictures you'll see over on Instagram starting later today, and in tomorrow's post, said: All parts of their service are amazing and it feels like they are catering to ME. It's a big hotel, but I don't feel lost.

*That would be Stacey Doyle.

Another thing Stacey and I agree on? The Robes. Don't know about you, but I'm used to the heavy, white ones, usually made of terrycloth. These are black (Raise your hand if 90% of what you wear on a daily basis is that color.), super soft, and lightweight. It reminds me of the first time I ate at The Capital Grille and unfolded the black napkin at the table. Translation? We get you and NO lint. (A huge plus.) So, like that napkin, their robe is something you never realized you needed until you actually experienced it. 

Psst: Seriously hoping you'll click over to the PattyJDotCom Insta this afternoon to see Stacey's photos from our mini vaca at The Ren, Downtown Providence

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Ren ornament photo courtesy of The Renaissance Prov Instagram; Robe photo courtesy of Stacey Doyle's Insta