New & Exciting In RI: The Bodhi Spa on Thames Street in Newport

A little snow wasn't going to stop us! Just before we reached the Jamestown/Newport exit on Rt. 4 South, it started snowing. Hard. But we were determined to make it to The Bodhi Spa, on Thames, for their hydrotherapy, especially because, as far as I know, there's nothing else quite like it in the Ocean State. Also, as luck would have it, there's nothing better to do on a cold, snowy February day than try-out a restorative treatment that involves heated pools, steam rooms, and saunas. #iamalwayscold

Tucked away at the end of Thames, The Bodhi is definitely one of those hidden RI gems that I'm forever in search of. The vibe is updated Zen, low key luxe, and equally as important, friendly. We were warmly greeted Wednesday afternoon by one of the owners (Co-owned by two sisters, Bodhi's been open since last June. Can't believe I only just found out about it!) and after filling out a short form about our medical histories (pretty standard stuff) and paying (It's $55 per person, but well worth every single darn dollar.), we received our robes, jersey towels (two each, which this type A towel neurotic was extremely grateful for), and black flip flops, way nicer than the flimsy ones you get at the nail salon when you're having your feet done (Again, #grateful because we'd forgotten to pack ours.). The locker room? Bright, cheery, and squeaky clean. 

Next, we got a quick mini tour of the space where the pools, steam room, and saunas that would make up our "Restorative Water Journey" were situated. Lots of ooh's and aah's from Team Us. Yeah, we couldn't stop gushing about how pretty it all was. (Photos below.)

A few short minutes later, our 'Journey' kicked off with 10-12 soothing, relaxing, and warming minutes in The Dead Sea Salt Pool (98 degrees, but so much better for you than a dose of teeny bopper pop! True story: We didn't want to get out of that pool.) followed by:

  • a water break (Drinking H20 throughout is crucial because you will be sweating, especially once you get to the saunas and steam room, and don't want to risk getting dehydrated.)

  • 5-10 seconds of Cold Plunge in the mini pool (The water is a cool, teeth chattering 55 degrees. For the record, 30 seconds to a minute is what's recommended, but we chickened out after those few seconds. Yup, it's freezing and uncomfortable, but apparently also very necessary. The entire experience is, after all, based on the idea that there are beaucoup benefits for the body and mind from 'stimulating the circulatory system with hot and cold'.)

  • Rinsing Shower (The water from the shower is definitely warmer than the Cold Plunge, so be chill because it's really NOT chilly.)

  • 8-10 minutes in the Epsom Salt Pool (It's a balmy 104 degrees of purifying goodness that we adored and that many celebs and health & wellness fanatics, including the lovely and amazing Liz Tyler, swear by for relaxation, detoxifying and beautifying the skin, and more.)

  • Cold Plunge (Literally freezing our asses off! OK, I co-opted that from this week's episode of RHOBH where Yolanda, Lisa Vanderpump, and Kyle brave the extreme cold of whole body cryogenic therapy, another thing I'm dying to try btw.)

  • Rinsing Shower

  • 10-15 minutes in the Infrared, or Traditional, Sauna. (We chose the Infrared because it's known for being anti-cellulite, anti-disease, pro-healing, and pro-weight loss. And regardless of what you've heard or seen on social media, everyone has cellulite. Everyone.)

  • Cold Plunge #brrrrrrrr

  • Rinsing Shower

  • and finally, 8-10 minutes in the Eucalyptus Steam Room (The steam room helps you forget the shock and discomfort of the Cold Plunge and fire up your core again. It's the spa version of a really great cuppa coffee.)

So, grab your bff or your Valentine or both, and your favorite swimsuit (Bathing suits are required.), and head on over to The Bodhi for one of the most relaxing experiences you'll ever have. Ever. I mean, ever after a few XL coffees from Empire, we were still in the zone. 

*** They also offer a laundry list of other spa treatments and services, in addition to the water therapy. Check out their website for the deets. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of and the PattyJDotCom Instagram.