RI Restaurant Stories: The Barn in Adamsville

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that this blog almost didn't happen because I honestly had no clue that Adamsville (where today's restaurant happens to be located) was a village in Little Compton. Initially, when I first stumbled across something about The Barn, I assumed (wrongly) that it was somewhere near Richmond or Westerly. My Bad! It was all ok in the end though because Siri and the Maps App on my phone saved the Sunday, turning us around and leading us in the right direction. #icantbetheonlyone

Another thing you need to know right now is that at one point (I hear) The Barn restaurant was in fact an actual barn. Mad props for such authenticity! It's also open 7 days a week, but only until 1 on Sunday and 12 noon every other day, aka, Monday thru Saturday. So plan accordingly because the coffee is hot, the food is yummy, and even in sub zero, dangerously cold temps, Little Compton is absolutely beautiful! 

We arrived around 12:45 yesterday, not knowing if we'd even get seated. It looked pretty packed. Happy to say we were seated, and served piping hot coffee, immediately. Speaking of which, two things I hate more than muddy coffee are lukewarm or cold coffee and people who actually refer to coffee as being 'piping hot'. In this case, however, it's only fitting because it was. #igottastopdrinkingthathaterade

We ordered an omelette and a Benedict, along with a few pieces of their Coffee Cake of the Day, a peaches and cream update on the traditional recipe, to go. The red bliss potatoes, served as a side, are also worth blogging about. Blogger or not, it's always a good idea to avoid overstaying your welcome after arriving at a restaurant 15 minutes before their scheduled closing time, which is why we got our cake for the road. (In case you're wondering, it's still perfectly fine to snap a bunch of I-Phone pics on your way out the door.) Now, let's talk menu. Theirs is extensive with plenty of options, including a daily specials sheet (i.e., You could have ordered red velvet pancakes or PBJ & Banana waffles yesterday.). I guess what I'm really saying here is if you're looking for a new breakfast or brunch spot and you're a fan of Rhody rustic (If you're not, you should be!), definitely check this place out

Straight Outta Little Compton

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Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of me