Awesome Spots In RI: Ives Street In PVD

Sure, you know Thayer and Wickenden, but have you been to Ives lately? I hadn't  - until, that is, I met up with a contributor to this blog, who happens to juggle being a stylist, an artist, and a dog sitter (Does that make you feel at all like you should maybe be picking up another 1, 2, or 3 jobs? Same.), a while back for a quick lunch and was legit impressed by the these four awesome sauce spots on (what I'm calling) one of the cap city's most underrated thoroughfares: 

1. Malachi's Cafe

Apparently, Malachi's has a rep as a hipster hangout. Don't let that deter you. The day I visited, the 20-something-ish guy behind the counter was welcoming and not at all stand-off-ish or tight lipped, as some hep cat baristas, bartenders, and so on are notorious for being. (My fav story about this type of BS involves a bartender at a bar that's the text book definition of bearded, flannel H-I-P, who refused to tell us his name. I mean, WTF?!? I usually tip 25% or more, but drama like that makes me want to stash my wallet right back in my bag. #byefelicia) So, let's review. Nice peeps? Check. Coffee, tea, and smoothies? Check. Lots of options for breakfast and lunch, including vegetarian and vegan ones? Check. I also had a hot apple cider with cinnamon there that could give my usual from Wildflour in Pawtucket a marathon run for it's money. 

2. Tallulah's Taqueria

When I was in college, I ran on Taco Bell, thrift store bought Lee jeans, and toxic people. That was then. Now, I've moved on...from fast food tacos and burritos anyway. If you too are in a good place and ready to give up the junk-y food (It's a stage most of us go thru.), then add Tallulah's to your list. (I keep a running list of restaurants, regrets, and future blog topics on the Notepad App on my I-Phone. Doesn't everyone?) Everything's fresh and tasty. They also offer Yacht Club Soda, which, I only just found out a few months ago, is the official soda of Rhode Island. #cheersbitches

3. Silver Star Bakery

A friend of mine who used to live on Ives told me that every morning, the aroma of the Portuguese sweet bread baking over at Silver Star would fill the air. I like that! (Patty J Tip: Never trust anyone who doesn't like pizza or Portuguese sweet bread.) Also, let me add that I bought their wine, pepper, and egg biscuits for my Italian mom, who does NOT handout compliments about food that easily, and she's a fan. 

4. Tea In Sahara

Tea In Sahara is EVERYTHING! If you're looking for some tea (The owner does a mean Moroccan high pour btw.), hot chocolate or coffee done right, with lots of atmosphere to spare, definitely motor over. To see the full blog about it, and where else to get outstanding teas and hot chocolate in the Ocean State, click here. (Oy, not on Ives technically, but only a block over on Governor.)

Ciao for Now,

Patty J

Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of the PattyJDotCom Instagram