RI Coffee Confidential: The Nook On Main Street In EG

The Nook has officially tossed a mug (with its own logo no less...see photo above.) into the thriving coffee culture in EG, which includes standouts like: 

  • Main Street CoffeeDescribed by my East Greenwich friends as classic EG, the perfect spot for a snack and chill, and super cozy, because of the back room with the fireplace natch. 
  • Felicia'sLike MSC, it's a sweet spot to hang out that also happens to have delicious muffins and ample parking. Speaking of which, my trick for navigating any Main Street parking related obstacles is to leave my car in the CVS lot and walk. As long as the weather's mild, it's no biggie. Also, I can use the cardio because I have to burn off all the muffins I'm eating at coffee shops these days.

But back to The Nook...I arrived at 307 Main Street late in the day yesterday, badly in need of a serious java jolt, after having driven all over the East Bay. My mood could best be described as #grrrrr, so I definitely wasn't going to be deviating from my usual (a latte), which worked out just fine because the owner Shannon made me an outstanding one that pretty much guarantees I'll be back. Gotta say though I'm a little worried about the pictures above. I'm afraid they might give you the impression that the place was empty. It was not! As a matter of fact, not long after I sat down in one of the window seats (There are three booths facing the front window and a large communal table along the side wall that could seat around 8. Yes, communal tables are a 'thing' in the OS in 2016.), there was a serious influx of people, so I finished up my coffee and went on my merry caffeinated way. (Patty J Tip: Do not be that person in the coffeehouse who won't free up a seat! Just don't. It's tacky.) Before I exited stage right, however, I overheard Shannon suggesting a special secret, insider drink, not listed on the menu boards and apparently called a "dirty hippie" (made with chai, expresso, and steamed milk), to a customer who, unlike me, wanted out of her coffee comfort zone. Kudos and congrats to her! #donthateappreciate

More things to know before you go:

  • It's a New Harvest Coffee zone. Great news for anyone in need of a NHC fix who can't make it to Hope Artiste Village or their other space at The Arcade.
  • They have Kombacha (a black tea based drink known as The Immortal Health Elixir among the ancient Chinese) on tap, something I personally haven't seen anywhere else. (Trust me, there's a serious buzz about this right now.) 
  • The decor (the rustic vibe of the natural wood communal table and counters for starters) reminds me of The Shop on Wickenden in PVD. Also, much like The Shop, seating is limited. 
  • Finally, when you go and order your very own 'dirty hippie', be sure to tell them Patty J says chai. 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J