Beyond Coffee Dates & Cute Texts: 7 Signs That Could Mean He's A Player

*The identity of today's blogger is being kept confidential. (Once you read it, I think you'll probably see why.)

He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not...He Loves Me.

Yeah, that's what I thought too, especially after the fancy restaurants, the roses, the gifts, and time at his fancy apartment.

This is how the story goes....

Did you ever meet that one man you just can't get over? Everything you do reminds you of him. Every song you hear reminds you of him. Every time you go out on the weekend, you take extra time to get ready because you might [hopefully] run into him.

Guilty. [I'm sure we all are.]

You meet him in a bar and deep down you hear your mother saying - "You will never meet your husband at the bar!"

I am never one to give my number out at bars. My friends and I joke about it and if a guy tries to get our numbers, we freeze him out. But for some reason that night I gave him my number. It started with friendly texting and eventually turned into meeting up for a drink with friends, private dinners, coffee dates during the work week, and of course, those cute texts throughout the week that every girl *secretly* loves.

I know...Your heart is melting and you feel like everything is perfect and this story is going to end with rainbows and butterflies. But you then find yourself in the car singing Taylor Swift's smash hit, "All Too Well," on repeat.

Yeah, he turned out to be a complete douche. Sorry for the language, but there's no better way to describe him. Those dates diminished slowly, getting coffee turning into getting into an argument, and those texts ONLY came when he was bored. Also, disappearing on the weekends is NOT cool. [Neither is finding out he's in another state via a Facebook tag.]

When I was finally able to mourn the loss of this perfect man [or so I thought] and the image of the perfect love [again, so I thought], I moved on. That's when he came back. But I knew this time not to fall for it all over again. Want to save yourself from getting your heart stomped on by a f*ck boy like I did? Here are the 7 warning signs to watch for to help you avoid those players who are too damn good at the game. Like him.

1. He only wants to make plans that include his group of friends.

He's oh-so-charming at the beginning and it seems like everything you want, but if he separates you from your family and friends, and you lose yourself along the way, he is not good for you. 

2. He won't stop talking about what nice hair he has.

I literally can't. [He's a narcissist.]

3. He's really good at hiding his phone. 

He shows you some stuff, but quickly takes it back and locks it. Love doesn't hide anything. Douches do.

4. Calling and texting suddenly turns into just texting.

Never a good sign.

5. He only texts you during the week and conveniently disappears on the weekends.

Am I your weekday girlfriend? I'm confused. No, wait - GO away!

6. He's been single for a very, VERY long time.

Because, let's be serious, Cinderella will never give up a prince. [Clearly, You Are No Prince.]

7. He is a pro at turning everything around on you.

Ladies, remember one thing, you should never pay and you should never take the blame for anything, especially when it is not your fault. Narcissists are really good at making you feel as though everything is your fault. Don't do that to yourself just to be with someone like him. You will find someone who loves you for who you are when you least expect it - trust me ;)

8. He loves you not...

He probably just wanted to sleep with you. Sorry. Mama taught us better than that ladies. 

You can keep your fancy restaurants, dozens of roses, gifts, and that apartment.

Is it too late now to say sorry?



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