3 Things To Do At Roger Williams Park Over April Vacation

So, apparently, it's school vaca week. Now, I don't have kids, but I've definitely been known, for better or worse, to act like one on occasion, which I think makes me the ideal choice to bring you this list of 3 super new and super fun things to do at Roger Williams Park (or RWP) this week and beyond.

1. Tweet, Tweet

For $3 (in addition to the RWP Zoo gen admission fee - $9.95 for kids 2-12 and $14.95 for adults), you can experience the brand new and interactive Birds From Down Under Exhibit. After settling the tab with the person minding the booth, we were led thru a gate, and a chain-like curtain, meant I'm guessing to keep the birds from 'flying the coop'. We were also each given a popsicle type stick with some sort of bird seed mixture affixed to the end, the idea being that you hold it up in the air and the Australian birds (I spied approx 3-4 different kinds, lots of yellow & white feathers, but I'm far from an expert.) will then fly onto the stick for a snack. Cue communing with nature moment. Truth is though that I'm pretty sure most of the 450 birds on the premises picked up on the fact that I am/was kind of jumpy, skittish. Meanwhile, all of the kiddos were yucking it up and having the best time ever, so it's no surprise that lots of birds flocked to them and their carefree vibes toot sweet.

Patty J Note: In case you were wondering, if you use up that initial bird seed they give you, you can buy more for a $1 a pop. No biggie.

2. If You're A Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Fan...

Did you catch any of the recent episodes of #RHOBH when the Housewives jetted off to Dubai, stayed in an ultra posh hotel, and did exotic stuff like ride camels in the dessert? If you can't quite get to Dubai right now, why not motor over to RWP Zoo for the camel rides they're offering this spring/summer? For only $6 (in addition to that entry fee we already talked about, but far less than a plane tix to Dubai), you can check this right off your bucket list. This is also why you may have spied a camel hanging out in Kennedy Plaza in Downtown Providence last Thursday. RWP Zoo was in KP spreading the word. (See photo above.) But back to yesterday: While we were there, the line was long, so, if you're intrigued, budget some extra time, and wear comfy clothes & shoes. 

Patty J Note: If you're looking for entertainment that doesn't involve camels, check out the paddle boats masquerading as ginormous swans and/or the adorable choo choo train, a hop, skip, and jump from the Zoo and directly across from The Carousel.

3. 'Tis The Season 

If you didn't make it over to the Botanical Center last month, when I posted a total #fangirl blog about it, that's perfectly fine because right now, the wow factor has been turned up to max volume. Yup, I'm talking about the annual Fairy Garden Days that kicks off every April at the BC. (Admission btw is $5 for adults and $2 for kiddies.) We stopped by yesterday, after our adventures with the birds, the camels, and dozens of other animals, but just before closing time, so got a quick look at some of the 100 fairy scenes throughout. If you get there earlier than we did (They close at 4pm Tues-Sun and 1pm on Sat.), be sure to stash your phone for a while and try the Scavenger Hunt, with lots of aah-ha and awe-how-cute moments for all. 

*Looking for something completely FREE to do at RWP? Today (That's Wed., April 20th), there is FREE family movie playing on the 2nd level of The Casino at 2pm sharp. And PS - The Casino was never ever a gambling casino. The Williams fam actually used it as a grand location where they hosted balls, parties, and other special events.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J